Pavlovich Ivanov

Russia • 1858−1895

Arrived in N. Novgorod 1882 after graduating from the Institute of civil engineers. He occupied the position of engineer of the construction Department of provincial government. In 1889 - 1890 he commissioned the construction of the Main building of the fair. Since 1894, Ivanov participates in the development of projects of reconstruction of N. Novgorod the opening of a Russian trade and industrial exhibition in 1896, renovating the old municipal theatre and the military Governor's house Palace (the Kremlin, 3), which establishes an iron umbrella above the entrance to the building. Involved in laying of a building of district court and continued its construction after the death of the author of the project Brychtova. Reseptive the project area around the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on the shooter. He is a permanent member of the Commission for the reconstruction of the city. In 1895, at the all-Russian commercial and industrial exhibition collapsed part of the wall of one of the under construction buildings. The provincial government was found guilty in this Ivanov. He considered the accusation unfounded and committed suicide.

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