Kuzmich Kostryukov

Russia • 1818−1884

Biography and information

Walnutport. In 1858, Academy of arts, the title of class artist on its "project of the manor house in the city."


Descended from serfs of the princes Dolgoruky. IN N. Novgorod was brought in as the caretaker of the manor house. From childhood he loved to paint and draw. In the 1830 - 1840 he contracted Kizevetter draw fronts. In 1856 Kostryukov was able to redeem at will. Arranged in the Nizhny Novgorod construction Commission draftsman. In 1858, for the project the manor the manor house at the Academy of arts he received the title of class artist. After that, Kostryukov comes into the position of assistant city architect. His first major work was the design and construction of the diocesan women's College (Sverdlov St., 30), and later he designed the facades of two-storey stone "cellars" of the house of merchant A. Bugrova (St. Dzerzhinskogo, 24). In 1873 Kostryukov designs and builds an apartment house on E. Paltseva (Sverdlova str, 21). He left the service in 1882, being the architect of the city Council.

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