Aleksandrovich Levkov

Russia • 1879−1920

Biography and information

After graduating in 1901 of the Institute of civil engineers arrived in N. Novgorod. Began service with the design of the estate complex of the monastery buildings Serebrennikova (Sverdlova str, 68), made in the "brick" style. In 1904 Levkov designs house I. Tete on Tikhon street, the architecture of which combined form the brick style and the modernist style. But already in 1905 he built wooden houses (including the house of M. Abramova M. Cross the street) he should be the only forms of art Nouveau. In 1907 levkiv building residential building N. Skvortsova apartment on proviantskaya street and two apartment houses (street Sverdlova, 52 and 57), designs for the building of the city theater D. the Kazan two housing estates (the Theatre square, 2 and 4), the first of which is perhaps not the best patikam arhitekturu Moderna N. Novgrod. Faithful to the art Nouveau Levkov in proektirovanii in 1912 the house of P. Shaposhnikov on cable street.