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Ivanovich Lick

Russia • 1811−1872

After graduating in 1827, the Institute of the corps of communications of uchastvuet in laying Svirsky North channel. In 1837 he moved to N. Novgorod to participate in the engineering and town planning works. Here the Face on your project builds using Pochainsky the ravine is an ancient timbered bridge earthen dam, called Lykova, participates in the laying of the canvas Pohvalish Congress and the first N.-Oka and N.-The Volga quay. The most significant of his project work include the establishment of the home at the Lower market Sofronovskaya area. During the works Lika drafted into the army. Serving on the black sea coast of the Caucasus in the night from 21 to 22 March 1840, he, along with aide Arkhip Osipov makes the feat - explodes shamelessly captured Fort St. Michael. Ranks manage to escape, although the service vernutj he could not.

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