Nikolaevich Falin

Biography and information

Since the 1870-ies served as an architect of Nizhny Novgorod Arakcheyev's military school, monitoring the condition of military barracks. 1872 by dogovoru with the provincial authorities held the post of architect of the city Council. In 1879 Falin designs and erects the building of Countess O. Cuticulae (now the school near M. Gorky), and the following year at the request Bagrovyh started to build a doss-house (1885; Ivanovskiy SYEZD, 2). Engineer-Lieutenant Colonel Falin in 1894 was appointed a policeman by the architect 2nd the Kremlin and Makar parts. Participated in the finishing of apartment houses Obryadchikov (St. Ulyanov, 2) and in the creation of the public garden opposite the building of the Noble Assembly (the square with the monument to Y. M. Sverdlov).