Stepanovich Pimenov

Russia • 1812−1864

Son of S. S. Pimenov, was born in St. Petersburg on November 24 (6 December) 1812. He studied at the Academy of fine arts (1824-1833) the father and S. I. galberga. As a "retiree" of the Academy lived in Rome and Florence (1837-1850). Worked as a muralist (in particular, St. Isaac's Cathedral, 1850-1854), models of Rostral shapes (to decorate the nose of the ships). Was known primarily as an Illustrator, thanks to a gracefully composed the sculpture of the Guy that plays dice (1836, the plaster original is in the Tretyakov gallery; cast iron casting in 1837 in front of the Alexander Palace in Pushkin), sung in the improvisation of Alexander Pushkin On the statue playing the grandmother. Despite the everyday genre nature of this and similar works Pimenova-son (Boy, begging, gypsum, 1844, the Scientific research Museum of the Academy of fine arts, St. Petersburg; marble options – in the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum; etc.), classicism firmly holds its position in them. Like his father, taught at the Academy of fine arts (1856-1864).

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