Borisovich Form

Russia • 1811−1889

In 1828 he graduated from the noble boarding school at St. Petersburg University and entered the service of the Department of national education, where he was first an official for special assignments, then a clerk and finally by the Governor's office. In 1837 he moved as head of Department in the Department of state property, and later was a senior official in the IV Department of His Majesty's Chancellery, in 1848, had the rank of state Councilor and early-50s retired. Since the Form of its lived in a Tambov village. In 50-ies of the Blank made on a journalistic career a staunch defender of serfdom, which is thought to be original and beneficial feature of Russian life. The largest article Blanca published in the "Proceedings of Voln. Economy. Common.": "Russian landlords 'peasant", 1856, No. 6, "Answer" note, V. P. Bezobrazov, 1857, No. 1, "On the control of working people in the Russian economy," 1857; in the same year placed in the "Notes" Lebedyanskiy society of agriculture Blanca answers to the queries of the society; then, he collaborated in the "news" 60s and the "Russian World" of the 70s. Separately published: "Notes on article Velikoseltsev in No. 48 Economic Notes and on the forestry mountains. Kozlov", SPb., 1857; "Traffic law", St. Petersburg, 1869; "On the relation of military reform to the economic life of Russia", Moscow, 1871; "On the introduction of mortgages in Russia", St. Petersburg, 1873; "On communication of the financial world with economic", St. Petersburg, 1874; "Linemate buildings", SPb., 1878; "On fire-proof buildings", SPb., 1879; "mortgage in Russia", St. Petersburg, 1881. Dictionary Vengerov. {The Cumans} the Form, Grigory Borisovich (1811-1889) — writer, the son of Boris K. B.; graduated from the Noble boarding school at St. Petersburg. University; was a senior official in the IV Department of his own. HIH office. At the end of the 1850s, made a zealous defender of serfdom, which saw the "paternal solicitude of the landlords on the peasants and the noblest feature of our Fatherland." Later was a member of the "News". Separately printed: "Notes on article No. 48 "Economy. Notes" (1858); "the anti-kidnapping and felling in the forests of Mr. Velikoseltsev and note farmer of forestry, Mr. Kozlov" (St. Petersburg, 1857); "Traffic law" (divisions 1-5, St. Petersburg, 1869); "On the relation of military reform to the economic life of Russia" (Moscow, 1871); "On the introduction of mortgages in Russia" (SPb., 1873); "On communication of the financial world from an economic (ib., 1874); "Linemate buildings safe from fire" (ib., 1878); "On fire-proof buildings" (St. Petersburg, 1879); "mortgage in Russia" (ib., 1881). {Brockhaus}

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