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Nikolayevich Golovnitsky

Russia • 1929−1994

Biography and information

Muralist. The easel. People's artist of the RSFSR (1980). The author of the work "Eaglet" (1958), "My century" (1984), etc. Kurgan - Ekaterinburg Goodin Evgeny (1921-1991), Painter. People's artist of the RSFSR (1986). The author of the landscapes. Of his works: "willow blossoms" (1957), "tree felling" (1990), etc.

(10.12. 1929, barrow – 29.04.1994, Ekaterinburg, Russia), sculptor, member. CX USSR (1955), winner of the St. im. Lenin Komsomol (1967), State. Ave. of the RSFSR. I. E. Repin (1977), Nar. hood. Of the RSFSR (1980), full. member. AH THE USSR (1988). In 1945-47 he studied at the Studio, led by M. M. Loshakova, 1947-52 in Saratov hood. Uch-school teachers E. F. Eckert, and E. G. Morozova (this period was influenced by him and painter N. M. Gushchin). In 1980 he graduated from the Magnitogorsk state PED. inst. In 1932-87 lived in Person. (excluding the years creative. trip to Moscow, where as part of a team of the most prominent sculptors worked on projects of pam. To Lenin and the monument “Memory of the 1905 revolution” for the capital). He was elected to the Bureau People. regional party Committee, 1969-73 DEP. Person. of the city Council. His name was listed in the Book. of honor of the Komsomol. Party., zones., Rep., proceedings of all-Union., Intern. exhibitions. He was elected corresponding member. and performance. (1958-61, 1965, 1977-80) of the Board of COSH, member. zones. exhibition Committee, Pers. region of the artistic Council, member. of the Board of the USSR Union, delegate to the 23rd and 26th congresses of the CPSU, 16-th Congress of the Komsomol, 1-7-th Congress of the hood. USSR, 1-6-th Congress of the hood. Of the RSFSR. Made creative. the trip to Italy (1960, 1970), Japan (1968), Czechoslovakia (1968), USA (1975), France (1977). With 2 hordes. Work. Cu. Banner (1971, 1986), silver medal USSR Academy of them. Vucetic (1980) and others In 1987-93 he lived and worked in Krasnoyarsk: publ., sekr. Sib.-Far Eastern branch of the USSR Academy of. skulpt. the workshop, Prof. of the Krasnoyarsk arts. in-TA in the Department of sculpture. In 1989-91 he was elected Nar. DEP. Of the Soviet Union. In 1993-94 he lived in Sverdlovsk. Buried in People. On the house where the sculptor lived (Lenin's Avenue, 77), memorial plaque (1998). Ed. proizv. broad generalizing of sound, which reflect the history of the country at its critical stages: “the Boundaries plowed. 1929” (1960, is kept in the State. Rus. Museum), a monument. “Eaglet” (Person), the monument “Tyl frontu” (1979, Magnitogorsk), memorial sculpture “Memory” (1975, set in the Forest cemetery, et al. E. E. Golovnitsky). Created pam. V. I. Lenin (an et al.: sculptor E. V. Zaykov, architect. E. V. Aleksandrov), A. S. Pushkin monument. busts twice hero of Socialist. Labour Acad. V. P. Makeeva and I. Y. designer Trutina. In addition to sculptures, worked with graphics. In the collections of CACG stored graphic. cycle G. “Rome – the eternal city”, in a private meeting Golovnitsky stored rice., which is a kind of search with sketches and sculpt those developments. songs, over to the had the master worked to determine. stages.

(Author: O. A. Kuzaev)

Lit.: D m and m p and N. G. K. Dear great art. H, 1963; B a th n o V L. P. the Artists of Chelyabinsk. H, 1979; B a d e e N. Heroic sword of the Urals // Monuments of the Fatherland. M., 1984; Ku d W o e V O. A. the Sculptured chronicle of the region / O. A. Kuzaev, A. S. Vaganov. H, 1989; Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia. 1936-1991: Right. / AVT.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. H, 1996.

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