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Mikhailovich Druuzin


Was born in Sverdlovsk, in the family of workers of Verkh-Isetsky metallurgical plant. In 1949, he graduated from Sverdlovsk art school (with 199 g. bears the name of I. D. Shadr), thesis - composition "Questioning women". In 1952-1958 he studied at the Moscow art Institute. V. I. Surikov, he studied in N. Tomsky and B. I. Yakovlev; thesis - the subject of the composition of the Stalingrad epic "don't!" (supervisor: M. Manizer). The result of further development of the last topics was the sculptural group "Beyond the Volga land no!" (bronze, 1959): steel anti-tank hedgehog got up from the last grenade warrior to block the path of fascist tanks. Now this sculpture is in the permanent exhibition of the Central Museum of Armed forces of Russia in Moscow.

The theme of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 was further embodied in the monument to students, faculty and staff of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, died at the front (1961), and in collaboration with the sculptor P. A. Sazhin and architect, And by Balanchinym for a monument of the Ural volunteer tank corps (1962, station square, Yekaterinburg). In the same row, and other works of the sculptor: "a Soldier with a rifle at the plow," "Warrior-Smith", "Demobilized returned to the fields" and others.

One of his first works - a two-figure composition "surgery", dedicated to the surgeon N. I. Pirogov, located in the estate Museum of Pirogov in Vinnitsa. Other works of the early period of creativity: "Redonate" (1955), "Vanya" (plaster tinted, 1955), "Escape from prison" (plaster, 1955), "Guerrilla" (gypsum, 1956).

Among the sculptural portraits: Ya. M. Sverdlov (gypsum, 1957; bronze, 1965), Lenin (gypsum, 1957), the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, a military pilot Valery Shadrin, pig M. Spiridonova, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Maria Kozlenko, master of sports Lydia Skoblikova, Valentina Stenina (marble, 1959, Sverdlovsk picture gallery), pilot V. A. Birkin (bronze, 1964). In 1965 he created the monument to V. I. Lenin (in concrete) installed in the town of Irbit in Sverdlovsk region.

The last work of V. M. Druzin - portrait of academician I. V. Kurchatov (gypsum, 1966), completed by his comrades in the shop.

In the sculptural works of V. M. Druzin manifested his love for the strong willed, solid human character. His work is characterized by expressive, courageous, energetic modeling, and completeness.

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