Erastovich Tyulkin

Russia • 1888−1980

Honored art worker of the RSFSR (1960). Author of landscapes and still lifes. Work "Ural scattering" (1953), "Poppies" (1920), etc.

30.8. 1888, Ufa - 18.3.1980) Honored. deyat. arts of the RSFSR (1960) and BASSR (1944), Nar. artist BASSR (1955), corresponding member. Of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1937. One of the founders of Fig. art in Bashkortostan. Graduated from the Kazan art. school (1918, teacher N. And.Feshin). In the early period, t-VA was influenced by "analytical impressionism" of David D. Burliuk. In 1917-18 he participated in the exhibitions of ufim. Of the society of art lovers. In the early 20-ies together with V. by S. Syromyatnikova traveled to South-East. districts of Bashkortostan to study the life and culture of the Bashkirs and the collection of material at the Nar. art.

In 20-e was one of the organizers and teachers of Ufim. Department of the Highest state hood.-tech. workshops. In 1939 together with the artists A. P. Linesim and I. Uryadovy participated in the design of the all-Union. agricultural exhibition (Moscow). Wrote mostly. landscapes and still lifes in tempera. DOS. theme t-VA - image of his native city, bash. Krai, Urals: "house in the country" (1919), "Hydrangeas" (1920), "Blooming Windows" (1924), "golubets" (1942), "the homeland of Nesterov" (1946), "Holiday on the edge" (1948), "Silence" (1946, all in the Art Museum (HM) to them. M. V. Nesterov, "Carousel" (1923), "the Boat" (1927), "Home in the ravine" (1928, all in the State. Rus. Museum), "the Interior of the wooden mosque," "the Shop of the Potter", "yurta" (all three in 1921), "little demon" (1925, all - in the art Museum of Eastern peoples, Moscow). Created a number of songs in the East. and domestic character: "Pushkin among Bashkirs" (1947), "Lenin in Ufa" (1961, all UH them. M. V. Nesterov). T. - participant of exhibitions: Association of artists roar. Russia (1926, 1928); all-Russia. and from 1926 all-Union and foreign countries. (1928, San Diego, USA). Personal - 1943 (Paris) and in 1945 (Moscow). In 1926 he taught at the 50 hood. office Bash. state College of arts. Trained a whole generation of bash. artists. Among them: B. Domashnikov, A. Panteleev, F., Kashcheev, M. Nazarov, A. Lutfullin, P. Salmaso etc. In 1937, 1944 before he was elected. CX BASSR. Awarded hordes. "Badge Of Honor" (1955). The Winner Of Resp. Ave. them.Salavat Yulaev

Lit.: Yanbukhtina A. G. Alexander Tyulkin. L., 1975; A. E. Tyulkin: Painting: Catalogue. Ed. introd. art. and comp. A. G. Yanbukhtina. M., 1975.

(article by A. G. Yanbukhtina)

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