Petrovich Maryahin

Russia • born in 1951

Was born . in Feodosia.(Crimea).

In 1962-1966 he studied at Feodosia art school at the Gallery of Aivazovsky.

In 1966-1968 – the Crimean art College im. N. With.Samokish.

In 1969-1970 at the Moscow art school of memory of 1905 .

In 1970-1975 – at the Moscow higher art-industrial school (former Stroganov ). Graduated from the Department "Monumental-decorative painting".

Since 1975 lives and works in Crimea.

Since 1980 - member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine.

A. Marachino paintings are in private collections of Corsica, Germany, Ukraine, the Crimea, and also in the collections of Ministry of culture of Russia, Union of artists of Russia.

Main monumental works:

1. "Creators", list, 1977, meeting room, PMK-4, Stary Krym

2. "Friendship", bas-relief, 1979-81., lobby b/in "Friendship", Alushta

3. "Feast of harvest", bas-relief, 1980-81., dining room, b/in "Friendship", Alushta

4. "Dedication old town", 1981-82, bas-relief, cold encaustic, foyer boarding house Feodosiya, Feodosia

5. "Muses", bas, 1983, the culture House, Alushta

6. "The journey of Dr. Dolittle", painting, 1982-83., kindergarten "Crystal", Simferopol

7. Stained glass "Spring" "Summer" "Autumn", 1985, the Registrar, Alushta

8. "Eternal life", relief, 1984-85., pharmacy No. 30, Alushta

9. "Decorative stained glass", stained glass, 1985, Gormolzavod, g. Alushta

10. Heat of the earth, painting, encaustic, 1985-86, tasting room Gormolzavod, g. Alushta

11. "Holiday", encaustic, 1987, Alushta Museum of local lore

12. "The seabed", ceramics, 1990, the lobby of the sanatorium "Dnepr", 1st floor, Alushta

13. "Sounds of the sea", ceramics, 2nd floor lobby of the sanatorium "Dnepr", Alushta

14. Artemis, ceramics, encaustic, 1990, the foyer of the 4th floor of the sanatorium "Dnepr", Alushta

15. "Youth", relief, 1994, foyer Alushta school No. 2

16. "Spring festival", painting, relief, 1987, boarding house"Emerald", Nikolaevka, Crimea

17. "Olympic triumph", painting, relief, 1989, the Foyer of the hotel "Spartak", Alushta

18. The painted ceiling of the chapel of a boarding house "Sea", encaustic, 2004, Alushta

Main exhibitions:

1976 - the Republican exhibition (Kiev) 1979 - Republican exhibition ( Kiev, Zaporozhye)

1979 - exhibition of young artists works (kecskemét, Hungary)

1980 - Exhibition "Youth of country" (Kiev)

1984-85 g - all-Union exhibition "Youth of country" (Moscow)

1984-85. - Republican exhibition "Peace and youth" (Kiev)

1991 - the Exhibition company "SOTIS" (Simferopol)

2002 - Exhibition at city hall in Santa Cruz

2004 Republican exhibition portrait (Simferopol)

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