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Ivanovich Shemarov

Russia • 1914−1998

Born 24 October (6 November) 1914 in Palekh. The younger brother of N. And.Shemarova. Member of the Union of artists of Russian Federation since 1962. In 1930-1933 he studied at the vocational school. Teacher, I. M. Bakanov, N. M.Zinoviev, F. A. Yurtsev. Graduated from Palekh art school in 1939 and was drafted into the army. Tank graduated from the technical school. The participant of the great Patriotic war. Fought on Zapadnom, 1st and 2nd Baltic fronts. At Konigsberg lost an eye and was discharged. In 1945-1953, he worked as the Director of Palekh art school. 1953-1956 he studied at the art school. M. I. Kalinin at the pedagogical Department. In 1956-1969, he taught in Palekh art school. Until 1974 he worked at the Palekh art-production workshops. Buried in Palekh.

Was engaged in monumental painting, book illustration. Themes of works: folklore, literature, history, genre scenes, hunting. Participated in exhibitions since 1960.

M. I. Shemarov are stored in museums: gmpi, RM, HF Russia.

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