China • 1521−1593

For talent and erudition Xu Wei (1521 – 1593) is close to the artist Tang Yin, a member of the "uskoi Quartet", and in the biographies of these two artists had a lot in common. Xu Wei was born in Scanline (Shaoxing, Prov. Zhejiang), his grandfather and father were petty officials. When the boy was vseo 100 days, his father died. Was brought up by Xu Wei in the hands of his mother and stepmother, first wife of his father. Adult Xu Wei barely make ends meet, and here the unexpected happened: lost his wife and brother died. Xu Wei indecomposable participated in the examination, opened the way for professional careers, but failed every time. However, by participating in the exams, he met educated people who understood a lot about art. This had a beneficial effect on the disclosure of the talent of the future artist.


In 1557 fate brought Xu Wei with military inspector of the seven South-Eastern province Hu Suncanim. Hu highly appreciated the talent Xu Wei and invited him to her service as Secretary, appointed him a huge salary. It was the most prosperous period in the life of Xu Wei. However, it lasted long. In 1562, Hu Consani, which was charged with intimacy with the Prime Minister Yang-sung, convicted of betrayal of national interests, were arrested and imprisoned. Therefore, Xu Wei has lost the support of a powerful patron, he was out of luck on the next exams to receive services title. Three years later, in the prison committed suicide, Hu Consani, this news resulted in a strong turmoil Xu Wei, so he got nervous rasstroystva. Being in a state of fear of reprisal, he twice tried to commit suicide, but in the end he survived, but his wife was killed by mistake. He was convicted and sentenced to 7 years. Over the years his mental state is much improved, And after serving the term he returned to painting and calligraphy, zarabotyvat living selling works. He lived for 73 years.


High mastercue Xu Wei in the genre of "SEI" can be judged by his picture – scroll "Grapes" (the Palace Museum). Artist quick strokes, as if instinctively drew a bunch of grapes. Not worrying too much about meticulous finishing details, he, however, with great skill dosed out the proportion of water-a mixture of Indian ink. Striking freshness filled with grape berries, convex, translucent, and filled with juice. In the left corner of the picture free style "caoshu" written poetic dedication: "a Century of failure, and old age on the threshold. The one I have in the Studio, but the night breeze . The brush produces pearls, but who ODI needed? Oblivion in the wild field – this is their portion." Here we see a synthesis of painting, calligraphy and poetry that is characteristic of the style of "SKU".

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