Nikolayevich Chistoserdov

Russia • 1888−1961

Biography and information

Born in 1888 in the village of Okunevo Urzhum district, Viatka province. As well as my brother graduated from the Central school of technical drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz, but in 1914. To participate in art exhibitions began in St. Petersburg, while still in school.

As stated in the catalog, "exhibition of popular Amateur and professional art Perm and district", where in 1937, A. N. Chistoserdov exhibited the painting "Winter landscape", he had previously been a member of the "exhibitions of artists Chistoserdova" in Kirov, Glazov., Orenburg, Perm in 1920-1924 G. G., exhibition of the Ural artists in Perm in 1925

Here, however, is not specified "Exhibition of paintings by artists brothers Chistoserdova", which was held in Perm in 1924.

In the same 1937 Arseny Nikolayevich also participated at "the Exhibition of art creativity of the Perm artists" with their works: "Dvortsovaya Sludka" and "moonlit night on the river Chusovaya".

The artist's works also were exhibited at regional exhibitions in 1951 and 1967.

In addition to painting he is also engaged in teaching activities: in 1936 led painting and drawing at the Perm art College, then taught in the College building. It is also known that prior to his retirement in 1958, he was for many years a teacher of drawing and painting in the schools of Kirov and Perm, one time he also taught at the correspondence Department of the Kazan construction Institute. Gorky.

According to the son of the artist became known that the Perm Arseniy came with his brother Basil in 1922, and built on the street Timiryazev one-storey house at number 32 (demolished in 1975). The truth in the ad, published in 1926, in the newspaper "the Star", the address is slightly different, but it seems an error crept in. And ads such in the years of the NEP was written often: "Artist Chistoserdov. I take all kinds of paintings: paint portraits from life and cards, decorations, fulfill orders on the satin and canvas, giving lessons in painting, drawing and sculpting. 1 Krasnoarmeiskaya street No. 22, apt I". He died in Perm in October 1961.

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