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Pavlovna Nechaeva

born in 1922

Biography and information


(R. 17.10.1922, St. people's Voronezh region) Honored. hood. Of the RSFSR (1974), Nar. hood. (1968), Merited. worker of arts of BASSR (1957). Member of USSR Union of artists since 1943. Studied in Leningrad HUD. Studio (1940-41). On the formation of t-VA is influenced by bash. hood. A. P. Lezhnev (uncle N.). Between 1941 and lives in Ufa. Hood. a multifaceted talent, N. manifested itself in different. the types of portray. art. Creative. worker-St began as a painter. The desire for plastic volumetric inherent in her colorful paintings, realized in sculptural works. N. one of the first REP. created several monuments, a series of portrait works, works. small plastic in China. Develops a line of psychological. portrait, turning to the bronze, granite, marble, chamotte. In 50-ies he created a series of unique production. in China, dedicated. Bashkiria, its people and art. From the middle. 60s N. successfully working in ceramics, creating monumental and decorative panels, which incorporates together the author's love for color, form, rhythm.

DOS. prod.: pam. Salavat Yulaev in Ufa (bronze, 1952) and in Paldiski, Estonia (Cowan. copper, granite, 1989); W. Hudayberdina (Granit, 1981, Ufa, together. with B. D. by Fuseeva); S. T. Aksakov (bronze, 1959, Ufa); portraits of M. Karim (marble, 1961), Z. Ismagilova (aluminum, 1967) - both in the Art Museum (HM) to them. M. V. Nesterova), of S. T. Aksakov (bronze, 1964, the House-Museum of S. T. Aksakov); the panel "the scarlet song" (ceramics, 1967), "Oil of Bashkiria" (ceramics, 1974); "dance of the three brothers" (China, 1955), "the Bashkir beauty" (China, 1956); "the Armor of Salavat" (oil on canvas, 1947), "the Wealth of the Urals" (oil on canvas, 1948) - all UH them. M. V. Nesterov). N. - participant of exhibitions: resp. since 1943, vseros. and the all-Union. since 1946, Zaruba. 1955 (Poland, GDR), zone "Ural socialist" from 1964. In 1992, Ufa hosted the personal exhibition of N. Awarded Rep. Ave. them. Salavat Yulaev (1991).

Lit.: Tamara Nechaeva: Directory. Ed. introd. article V. M. Sorokin. Ufa, 1984.

(author -V. M. Sorokin)

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