Alexeyevich Kudryashev

Russia • 1896−1972

1896, Kaluga - 1972, Moscow . Studied in MUZHVZ (1913-17), then in GShM from K. Malevich. In 1918, he worked in the field of propaganda art in Moscow. One of the organizers of UNOVIS in Orenburg (1919). A member of OST (1925). The representative of the younger generation of the Russian Soviet avant-garde, in the late 1910s - early 1920s went through cubism and Suprematism to his own abstract style. His work could be called "cosmic abstractions," as doubtless they are inspired by the images of extraterrestrial space (the artist himself spoke about the influence of ideas of K. Tsiolkovsky, for which, by the way, his father played model rockets). His works are in state Tretyakov gallery, Moscow, etc. meetings.

Avant-garde artist, teacher, pupil of K. Malevich. The husband of the artist

N. To. Timofeeva, who worked together with A. Exter on theatrical costumes.

After a year of training at the Stroganov school in 1913 he entered the MUZHVZ, where he studied until 1918 in the workshop of Pavel Kuznetsov. In 1918 – 1919 worked at the State free art studios of K. Malevich, was a member of UNOVIS. Designed campaign design and logo for the October holidays. Was committed to the theme of space exploration and the search for new expressive means for its realization.

In 1919 – 1920 he lived in Orenburg, has completed the design of the local theater, "translating" the language of Suprematism Canon of painting of the Orthodox Church, effectively creating a "new icon". So, the virgin and child was transformed by the artist in an elongated triangle overlaid with the square, a large red diamond over them reminded of God the Father.

In 1921 Kudryashov returned to Moscow. In 1920 – 30-ies he participated in the exhibitions of OST, the Moscow Association of artists. Between 1937 and 1939 he taught at the Institute of improvement of qualification.

Despite the fact that in 1926 Kudryashov was forced to give a written renunciation of all its creative experiments at the end of life, the artist created a variety of color options a graphical outline of the 20s.

Kudryashov's works are in the Tretyakov gallery (two works), Karakalpak State Museum. I. V. Savitsky (351), in other collections.

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