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The Annunciation

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1490, 156×150 cm • Tempera, Wood

Description of the artwork «The Annunciation»

A Painting By Botticelli (Sandro Botticelli) "Annunciation Cestello"is the Italian art of the XV century, the Renaissance. The size of this artwork — 150*156 cm, technique — tempera on wood. The painting for Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi (the monastery of Cestello). Picture of the great Italian painter Botticelli's "the Annunciation" – is a striking example of religious painting.

The artist managed to create a truly masterpiece painting, impressing the many spectators for several centuries. It depicts the scene of the Annunciation, full of true drama.

We see the movement, the painter of this painting is the only Archangel that came to Mary. He kneels in front of her knees. This impulse can be seen in the garb of an angel, the folds of which create these waves. Quite simply the interior is somewhat holding back the unrestrained movement, noticeable in the whole picture. Even on the floor we see a clear rectangular shape, the image of the walls is also carefully calibrated.

The characters in the picture if the name of a spectator, and we, unwittingly, keeping an eyes out for all the curves, irresistible striving towards each other. We are seeing extraordinary emotion depicted on the canvas of actors. Their poses are quite unstable. One gets the impression that the characters are staggered from the gust of mystical wind that suddenly burst into their quiet up until this point the environment. Follow facing each other with lines of sight, we can instantly "read" the whole story.

The picture of Botticelli's "Annunciation" is unusually expressive. The artist has concentrated particular attention on the hands of the characters in the paintings. The Archangel brought the divine news to Mary. The few distant, humbly accepting it. The author of the paintings does not wish to embellish the appearance of the virgin Mary. She is dressed with restraint: the spiritual is valued differently, it is a kind of contrast bodily beauty. This work witnessed a new trend in the mood of the painter of genius is refusal to disguise the appearance of the Mother of God, which is emphasized by the lack of gold in the jewelry ornamentai inherent in early works of the painter. It may seem that the author took into account the recommendations of Savonarola concerning the simplicity in the garments of the saints — the real value is spiritual.

Impressive depth, the lightness of colors in the painting of Botticelli's "the Annunciation". Cloak of the Madonna — shades of the Italian sky, the bottomless sea. The author is very accurately conveys every nuance of color. You might think that the artist has washed all the colors before you apply them on the canvas. Color Shine, impressing with its sophisticated, deep.
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Portrait, Religious scene
Style of art and technique: Renaissance, Tempera

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