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Semenovich Sorokin


Biography and information


He was born in Pavlodar, in the family of a rich merchant-old believer. The family moved to Omsk in 1892, where Anton enrolled at the Omsk gymnasium. However, according to his autobiography, was expelled from sixth grade for not knowing the prayer "our father".

Changed many professions. Studied at icon-painting workshop, are engaged in trading of leather and salt. Until 1919 served as bookkeeper in the management of the Omsk railway. In Soviet times he worked as a Registrar in a suburban hospital. Writing began in 1900 In his relatively short life he wrote nearly two thousand pieces. The dominant theme for the writer in literature was the power of gold over men.

His melodrama, "Gold" was adopted by Meyerhold for the production of the theater Komissarzhevskaya. In 1912, the play was censored after the dress rehearsal.

With great sympathy Sorokin to the Kazakhs. She knew them life, language, culture, folklore. Not accidentally, one of the themes of his art was the theme of the small peoples ("subject Kyrgyz").

Another great and important theme in creativity of the writer was anti-war. The pinnacle of creativity of Anton Sorokin is the story "Yellow Laughter of the Devil", first published in the newspaper "the Omsk Bulletin" in 1914, just at the eve of the First world war.

Sincerely Sorokin welcomed the October revolution of 1917.

In 1918 the writer has become perhaps the dominant figure in the literary life of Omsk, the former in the 1919-1920-ies of a spiritual and intellectual centre of Siberia. Literary club, bringing together local and visiting artists, were in 1918-1919, the writer's house on Lermontov's street (present address: Lermontova str., No. 28a). Here, regardless of political views, came writers and artists - "former red guards and the real whites". In varying degrees, the influence of experienced Sorokin V. V. Ivanov, L. N. Martynov, A. I. Aldan-Semenov, G. Druzhinin, etc. Sorokin Himself considered his best disciples of Ivanov and Martinov. Anton Semenovich collected works of Omsk artists and visitors. Participated in exhibitions: "KLIIK 1917"; "Artists in the starving" (1921); exhibition of paintings, watercolors, drawings by Russian artists, 1919 (Directorate of David D. Burliuk). In 1919-1920 he was satisfied with the "fence" exhibition in the streets of the city. This time it was closer to the futurists. Passing through Omsk in America D. Burliuk took him the sixth member of the Russian Federation of futurists as the "national Great writer and a Great artist."

In the city it is often called , "clown", "samoreklama-Tom". He called himself the "King of writers" and "a Beacon of Siberia".

Has been making several public scandals sincerely located to it by the Supreme ruler Kolchak, who later in the form of small stories formed the basis of his book "33 scandal Kolchak". The writer often subjected to arrest, but recognized insane, released.

In 1926 A. S. Sorokin was elected a member of the Siberian Union of writers. He was a member of the Omsk organization of workers of science, literature and art. Was a member of the literary section at the Siberian branch of the state publishing house. Often spoke at meetings of the Omsk writers.

In 1928 in connection with the disease was forced to go for treatment in the Crimea, but on the way March 24, died in Moscow. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

O. V. Kolobkov

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