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Nikolaevich Yakimenko-Zabuga


[18(30).IX.1878 - 1942] - the artist and the teacher. B. family circus artist. Successfully graduated from the Kharkov school of drawing and painting. 1900 Y.-Z. lived and taught in Kursk real school drawing. Under his leadership, in 1906 - 1910 students in real schools and other educational institutions of Kursk had the opportunity to show their work at the exhibition together with the artists-professionals. Y.-Z. is one of the founders (1910) and President (1911 and 1914) of the Partnership Kursk artists. The partnership was officially registered in 1912 in a private house Y.-Z. ul, n 6. During the existence of the Partnership Y.-Z. he was a constant participant of all exhibitions. In Partnership Y.-Z. organized a Studio in which he taught. Among his students were aspiring A. A. Deineka, V. V. and S. V. Andrievich etc. After the October revolution, his Studio continued to exist for several years. From 1919 the artist taught drawing in the schools of Kursk and Kursk Institute of education, up to its disbandment in 1922. In 1931, J.-W. he moved with his family to Vladikavkaz, and later moved to Kiev. During the second world war, being seriously ill, Y.-Z. stayed in occupied Kiev and died there.

The artist worked in the portrait genre (portraits of I. A. kupchinskiy, D. K. Popov, mother of crown Prince Alexei), he painted landscapes ("Bay of Batumi", "Gypsy camp", "After the rain", etc.). Was various and technique: oil, pastel, watercolor, pencil, charcoal.

(author J. A. Bugrov)

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