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Petrovich Semenikhin

Russia • born in 1932

A member of the Union of architects (1962), an honorary architect of Russia (2001). B. in S. Semenikhina Leninskogo R-na tscho (now the October district of Kursk region). After graduating from high school in D. Pryamitsyno with a silver medal and entered the Moscow architectural Institute (faculty of civil engineering). He studied under A. Deineka for the class picture, Orlov, class of architecture. At the end of the Institute from 1959 works in Kursk. From 1979 to 2003, was the main architect of Institute "Cursoradapter". The Chairman of the Board of the Kursk branch of the Union of architects (February 1979 - February 1989).

At the beginning of his career S. participated in the development of the project of a memorable sign in honor of the founding of the city of Zheleznogorsk (in collaboration with artists sautenkova by M. M. and V. V. Kapustin; see Fig. the article Zheleznogorsk). In 1967 in collaboration with M. M. by Sautenkova created the project of a monument in honor of Arab-Soviet friendship in the town of Aswan (Egypt), which won the contest the second place, losing the championship to the project E. Unknown. Later, in collaboration with the architect M. Helucom and sculptor M. A. by Kuzovleva created the memorial sign "Hero-pilots of the 16th air army" on the street of the Union, and after a few years in the early St. of Engels erected a memorial "to Heroes-tankmen - participants of the Kursk battle". C. he is the author of the Motel "Nightingale grove" in the Park "Solyanka" (1965), the first in Kursk 12-storey residential building with built-in auto on the street Radishcheva (1970 - 1974), buildings of "Kurskenergo" Marx (1973), the regional state archive of the street Agency "Soyuzpechat" of the complex of buildings at the corner of Dzerzhinsky street and 50 years of October, many houses, including in the North-West district; in cooperation with architect D. Garkusha designed the House of knowledge (all in 1970s). C. is also the author of the Central covered market in Kursk (one of the largest in Russia, 1983) and complex improvement of the territory around it (1986, silver medal VDNH USSR 1988), a complex of covered market in the North-Western residential mikror (1994 - 1995), a 10-storey building of the dental faculty of the Kursk honey. University (co-authored with G. A. lunini, 2003) and other buildings. In 1994 in Kursk was held the exhibition of creative works of architects of Kursk, where S. to the surprise of many presented their watercolor sketches. In August 2005 in the Kursk House of architects hosted the first personal exhibition of painting and drawing C., which contained approximately 140 of his works.

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