Kirillovich Tkachenko

Russia • 1898−1993

Member of the Union of artists and Union of architects (1937), musician-Bandurist, composer and member of Music choral society of Ukraine. B. in a peasant family in the village of glushkovo Rylsky district of the Kursk province. He graduated from the village school and the 1st Kursk real school (1910 - 1917). In Kursk learned the basics of fine art, which helped him to enter the Kharkov art College (1917). So teachers in this school were F. I. Schmidt, O. O. Kokel, etc. at the same time So learned to play the bandura under the influence of P. Drevchenko, P. gaschenko, I. kuchugura-Kucherenko, etc. Kharkiv bandura. School left two years later due to poor health and difficult financial situation post-war. Back in the village of glushkovo, where he worked as a teacher at the school of the 2nd stage (1919 - 1922). In 1929 he graduated from the architecture faculty of the Higher artistic-technical Institute in Moscow, where he studied with A. V. Shchusev, P. A. Florensky, V. A. Favorsky, P. Miturich. Worked as an artist for the Museum of social welfare in Moscow, where the Director was N. K. Krupskaya (1920). Received the title of architect, worked in architectural Studio land-plan of the Moscow city Council, where he completed the draft plan of the Central Park of culture "Luzhniki" (1929 - 1931) and the interior design of the national Museum of labour disabled persons of Narcomanes of the RSFSR (1934 - 1935). Worked in the 5th architectural workshop of the Moscow city Council, where he completed the projects of improvement of the Lefortovo Park (1937); developed monumental lamps for the Moscow embankments (1938); planning and reconstruction of parks, Museum, Kuzminki (1938 - 1939), Kolomna (1939). Enlisting in the Union of architects of the USSR and the Moscow society of artists, began working as a professional painter (1937). Worked on projects of small architectural forms at the site of the people's Commissariat of the RSFSR to the all-Union agricultural exhibition in Moscow (1940). Beautifully executed decorative panels for the Central tuberculosis hospital in Moscow and sanatorium. M. V. Frunze in Sochi (1940 - 1945), the interior of the restaurant of the Central House of red Army in Moscow (1946 - 1947). Worked as a teacher of watercolor painting at the Moscow architectural Institute (1948 - 1954) where he had his first solo creative exhibition (1948). During this period he also engaged in the decoration projects for the pavilions-Union agricultural exhibition in Moscow. Worked as an artist Illustrator: designed the textbook by A. V. Bunin, "fundamentals of town planning" and other books, visited the native S. glushkovo (stayed with relatives) during holidays and vacations, writing sketches. In the village of glushkovo performed measurements of the monument of architecture of Trinity Church (late 18th - early 19th centuries) and the photographic images of facades and interiors of the building a few days before its destruction (1933), wrote several works with a views of the ruins of the temple, which has preserved rare documentary evidence of a lost monument. In 1954 he moved permanently to Kiev, where he devoted his art to the picturesque landscapes and monuments of architecture of Ukraine. On behalf of the Ukrainian Society of protection of monuments of history and culture, Music choral society explored the art-historical monuments and folklore, traveled extensively in Ukraine and other Soviet republics. He died and was buried in the Kiev.

Solo exhibition of watercolors he exhibited in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and many cities of Ukraine. His works became the property of artistic and historical museums of Kiev, Leningrad, Kharkov, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Sumy, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky and other cities. A large part of the artistic heritage, consisting of a full-scale oil sketches are in private collections: this work was written in Moscow (1930 - mid 1950s), in the village of glushkovo (1920s-1940s), in Kiev and Kiev region (1954 - early 1970s). Reproductions of his paintings have been published. Bibliography of the artist is more than a hundred items. The so called Patriarch of the Ukrainian kobza-playing and the Ukrainian watercolors. Since the 1960s, party artists, concerts. Perfectly played on the ancient diatonic bandura forgotten "Zinkovskiy" method. In the repertoire of the performer there were dozens of songs, Psalms, dances, and eight people's thoughts. T. has developed a unique textbook "Fundamentals of playing folk bandura". The textbook remained in manuscript, but fragments of it were published in the journal "Kiev", "folklore and Ethnography", "Widowed", new York magazine "Pandora". His art So taught the youth, organized the production of the tools. His teacher think he is famous Bandurist Victor Mishalov (Australia), Julian Kytasty (USA), writer and translator Vera Vovk, who was taken home to Brazil bandura, manufactured according to the drawings of T. V. I. a master of Snow. Harvard Professor studied his recitative singing poets have devoted verses, the writer G. M. Tyutyunnik under the impression tkachenkovsky the performance of "Three brothers Azov" wrote "the Spectra Zozulya (cuckoo) with a bow". The last lifetime exhibition of watercolors and oil sketches was held in the exhibition hall of the artists Union in Kyiv (autumn 1993). Most of the work So made the current (1995 - 1997) personal exhibition in Union of artists of Ukraine in the national (Central) the House of the artist. The 100th anniversary of the birth were organized exhibitions of his art works in the Museum of history of Kyiv (may 1998) and "Landscapes" in Kyiv pedagogical Institute (Feb. 1999).

(E. V. Kholodova)

Lit.: Watercolor George Tkachenko. Catalogue of the exhibition. Kiev, 1986. George Tkachenko. Watercolor. Catalogue of the exhibition on the 90th anniversary of the artist. The Republican House of architects in Kiev (may 1988). Art exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the artist and the bandura player Georgiy Tkachenko (1898 - 1993). Program. 5 - may 21, 1998. The Museum of history of Kiev. Vojnik L. the Harmony of the strings and tassels //Evening Kiev. 1999. 26 Feb.

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