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Alexandrovich Vinogradov

born in 1932

Biography and information


I was born in the town of Yuryevets, Ivanovo region, located between Kostroma and Nizhny Novgorod. Yuryevets, Plyos... levitanovskie place. On the boat from Kostroma to Yurievets had to sail for about 12 hours. When the steamer approached the pier, coming down was met by broad shallows, a few hundred metres which goes up the hill, overgrown with dense pine forest. It is easy to get lost, if not for the whistles of steamers from the Volga. The mountain opened "levitanovskie panorama". Children's experiences of beauty, picturesqueness and mystery of these places was so strong that I was drawn to it and later when the family moved to Kostroma. I have almost every year went to Yuryevets sketching.

In 1948 he enrolled at the Kostroma art school, the head of which was then a famous painter N. P. Slain. At the time, Shlain graduated from the Academy of fine arts and for excellence was sent abroad, where he met with A. M. Gorky and his portrait, the best, according to Gorky and many other artists.

His passion for art, taste, skill of artist, he had an enormous influence on students.

From out of the country, Shlain brought a lot of strange stuff: pistols, scimitars, pitchers of different eras – all of it was used in still lifes. General subjects have faded into the background. The main time was given to drawing, painting, composition.

The school I graduated from in 1956, interrupting his studies at the time of service in the Armed forces. At that time the Kostroma art College named N. P. Slana assigned to him after his death.

From 1956 to 1958, she worked in schools of Kostroma teacher of drawing and painting.

During these years, has left the literature on abstract, non-objective art called "the Art of outrage", only from her we learned what was going on in the art behind the "iron curtain". Many works were admired. In 1957 in Moscow opened an Exhibition of world art, which we got, defended kilometer queue. The exhibition stunned, amazed. There were concepts and approach to drawing. Previously, we have not seen. For example, a canvas with the signature "machine Gun fire". On the canvas, combinations of lines, dashes, dots gave a perfect representation of the shots. Other work "the Scream" - conveys a sense of the man who shouts from despair, although the real image of the person was not. The last room we were met by a huge canvas of Mondrian, where it was 2 squares and 3 lines. After all he had seen, it was surprisingly calm. I sat down against him and rested half an hour. After that, I began to try their hand at abstract art ("Shadow", "the Day as a necessity", "Self", "Night, street, lamp").

Since 1958, I live and work in Lipetsk. After Kostroma Lipetsk seemed surprisingly interesting city. The rolling countryside reminiscent of the landscapes of Bruegel, a senior. Only thing missing was the hunters in the snow. Panorama of the city so fascinated me that I began a series of landscapes, mostly winter.

By my house often floated the canvas, from under which protruded the legs. It was Vladimir Sorokin, who went on the site to write their "winter". Several times we wrote together. It works by V. S. Sorokin has influenced me in the sense that I'm loved realistic painting. A lot of my work is devoted to memorable places of the Lipetsk region: "the View at the monastery of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk", "Elec. Church of the Transfiguration", "Elec. Ascension Cathedral", "Lipetsk from the settlement", "Lebedyan".

I began to do both. In parallel with the abstract – conceptual orientation, where freedom prevails aesthetic views, an important space has become realistic art.

Closest to me the work of French artist Griss. Since I am in their works proceed from the line, why consider yourself a schedule, Griss, that's linear harmony. If Picasso some kind of line to hold and turn the other way, the Griss is almost impossible.

During the work in Lipetsk took part in designing, building and design expositions in museums: regional local lore Museum, Museum of Plekhanov, Zadonsk Museum, Chaplyginskaya Museum P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, on my sketches feature the first Park underpass in Lipetsk.

Participated in all city, regional, zonal and Republican exhibitions partially. Works have been published in magazines, in books A. D. Berezin "Stories about wonderful" (M., 1989), G. N. Lebedinsky "Lipetsk" (Voronezh, 1984), "Artists of the ninth five-year plan" (M., 1975), "Artists of the earth Lipetsk" (Lipetsk, 2004), "Glorious sons of the Fatherland (Lipetsk, 2005), "Lipetsk regional Museum" (M., 2005).

Works are kept in institutions of the city and region (Lipetsk Museum, Lipetsk region, Dankovsky, Usman, Zadonskiy art galleries), in private collections of local, Moscow and foreign collectors.

I want to implement several projects to paint a picture of "Daze", which will slightly remind you of the work of Mondrian and "Transience", which I associate with music by Sergei Prokofiev.

(autobiography, 2005).


Krol, T. and Vinogradov, Mikhail A. / T. Krol // Lipetsk encyclopedia. Vol. 1. - Lipetsk, 1999.- S. 200.

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