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Sergeyevich Timirev


Biography and information


B. 1914, Leningrad, b/n, Institute of toys in Zagorsk: artist, member of Union of artists, painter. Rasstreljan 28.05.1938. Place of burial: Butovo.

Born October 4, 1914. Son of Anna timireeva to her first husband, a naval officer Sergei Nikolaevich timirev. In 1917-1922, in connection with the departure of the parents was brought up in Kislovodsk family maternal grandfather, musician, conductor and teacher, Vasily Safonov (he died in 1918, my grandmother — in 1921). The majority of this time she timireva spent in Siberia Admiral Alexander Vasilievich Kolchak, one of the leaders of the White movement who was in love with pre-revolutionary years; father — S. N. Anna timiryova, whom she divorced in 1918 — was in the far East, where he commanded the white fleet (subsequently fled to China and died in Shanghai in 1932).

In 1922, released under the Amnesty Anna timireva managed to come for her son and take him to Moscow. Here he lived at Plyuschikha, 31; finished high school in Moscow, then studied at the Construction and design College, and later in Moscow architectural design Institute and also worked in the Studio of well-known Moscow graphic artist A. I. Kravchenko. From the beginning of 30-ies. engaged in newspaper and book graphic art, illustrated by Jack London. Since 1933 a staff artist in Zagorsk scientific and experimental Institute toys. Member of the Union of artists. In 1934 he organized a personal exhibition of watercolors in Moscow. In 1935, as part of a scientific expedition went to the Caspian sea.

Art works kept in the Museum of arts. I. V. Savitsky in Nukus (over 100 works), Perm art gallery (about 15 works), the Museum of fine arts. A. S. Pushkin (two works), the Institute of toys in Sergiev Posad[1].

The arrest and shooting

March 22, 1938 arrested. During the search that accompanied the arrest, seized a sword, dagger and flintlock pistol.

The indictment

(For investigative case No. 5038 on charges TIMIREVA Vladimir Sergeyevich)

Produced by the investigation established that Anna timiryova Vladimir Sergeyevich in 1934 he was recruited by German intelligence the LINK Paul F., K-R espionage.

The task of LINK — Anna timiryova as for Okeano-Geographical expedition, collected and passed him information about the development of the fishing industry, as fish canneries, shipyards, and produce sketches of the fishing industry.

Questioned as a defendant, Anna timiryova V. S. guilty of K-R espionage activities recognized[2].

Also Anna timiryova was accused of is a stepchild of Kolchak (who could see, except that as a young child, living with his parents in Helsingfors), which he denied, stating that no relationship to Kolchak has not.

May 17, 1938 by the decision of the Commission of the NKVD and the Procuracy of the USSR Vladimir Anna timiryova was sentenced under article 58 paragraph 6 of the criminal code of the RSFSR to a Supreme penalty and may 28, 1938 shot at Butovo.

Rehabilitated in 1957-1958 after numerous inquiries about his mother's fate. In archival investigation there was a document which indicated the date of sentencing and execution, ending with the words: "would Consider it right to report on lobar pneumonia," and dated February 1957 fake death certificate "from lobar pneumonia 17.02.43 in the GULAG"[3].

[edit] the reason of the arrest

Apparently, the reason for the arrest and the subsequent shooting of Vladimir timireva was that he was Dating the daughter of A. I. Kravchenko Natasha. According to the testimony of the mother, in 1935 he received an anonymous letter threatening the author of which was the girl's mother, Ksenia Ivanovna Kravchenko. In 1937, Vladimir and Natasha again began to meet, after which it received a denunciation to the NKVD, and he was arrested.

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