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Faddeevich Nikolaev


(1875, St. Petersburg - 1941(?), Krasnodar), painter, teacher. Educated at the Higher art school and pedagogical courses of the Academy of arts. From 1898 he taught at a girls ' school in Uralsk, from 1901 to Perm. Alexeyevskoye real school in grades 4-7 painting, calligraphy, technical drawing. Proven himself knowledgeable teacher. In the classroom his students, repeatedly submitted to the competition at the Academy of arts (fine Arts), noted advice OH how worthwhile. In 1909 was one of the founders and active members of Perm. of the society of Amateurs of painting, sculpture and architecture, which has set itself the goal of "development in public love and interest" to the fine arts, education of artistic taste artisans, lovers of the arts "the improvement in these arts." He exposed his works at exhibitions of 1907 (Perm), the exhibitions of the society of POLIVS in 1910-1914, 1918 (Perm), Amateurs, artists of the North in 1917 (Penza). In April 1918, was one of the organizers of the Perm Union of free artists, the teacher-shaft Summer courses "for workers and all those wishing to learn painting, drawing, sculpting and applied arts" and in the National art school (Oct.-Dec. 1918), organized by the Union. In the contest for the best political poster declared by the Union to the I-th anniversary of October, the Commission recognized the best poster "Forward into battle! Before us the day, the great day of liberation!" In the 1920s and 1930s he taught at the schools of drawing in art school (1920-1926) lectured on anatomy, perspective, art history. Since 1937 he lived in Krasnodar.

Works: "moonlit night" (1914), "Noon" (1914), "Balaklava. The ruins of the Genoese fortress" (1912), "10th March" (1918)... (most of the works are stored in the IMIP), a poster "Forward into battle..." (PGGG).

Ist.: GAPO, f. 185, op. 1, d. 362, l. 4, 6-7.; f. 185, op. 1, f. 394, l. 18 (about)., 31 (vol.).; f. R-23, op. 1, d. 196, l. 467.; d. 236, l. 56, 80-81.

Lit.: A report on the activities of the Perm society of Amateurs of painting, sculpture and architecture in 1911 Perm, 1912. S. 2, 3, 11; Report on the activities of the Perm society of lovers of painting, sculpture and architecture for 1913, Pp. 2, 10.; The memorable book of the Orenburg educational district in the 1913 Ufa, 1913. P. 132.; The artists PERMI / ed. text N. N. Pieces of silver. Leningrad: Khudozhnik RSFSR, 1963. P. 5.; Budrin A. G. Ural poster of times of civil war. Perm, 1968. Pp. 4-5.; Egorova I. E., Kolbas V. S. Surrounded by revolution // fold edge. Perm, 1987. P. 214-219.; Semyannikov and V. V. Perm society of Amateurs of painting, sculpture and architecture (1909-1918). Chronicle of the activities // Of the history of the artistic life of the Urals. Sverdlovsk, 1988. S. 155-160.

Exhibition catalogues: Perm scientific-industrial Museum. Art exhibition. Perm, 1907. P. 7.; Perm society of lovers of sculpture and architecture. III exhibition of paintings. 1912. Perm, 1912. P. 12.; Perm society of Amateurs of painting, sculpture and architecture. V exhibition of paintings. 1914. Perm, 1914. P. 5-6.; The society of Amateur artists of the North. Directory of the I-th exhibition of paintings "the White bear". Penza, 1917. P. 5.; I-I exhibition of works by contemporary artists of the region: a directory. Perm, 1925.; Posters of the red army: exhibition catalogue. Perm, 1943.; Exhibition of Soviet fine art: a Handbook. Vol. 1. 1917-1940. M., 1965. P. 161.; Vol. 2. 1941-1947. M., 1967. P. 91.; Art born of October: exhibition catalogue. Perm, 1967. P.39.

REC.: Belyaev A. the activities of the Perm society of lovers of painting, sculpture and architecture. I-I exhibition of paintings // Perm provincial sheets. 1010. March 25 (No. 67).; Exhibition of paintings in Perm // Perm provincial sheets. 1911. Feb 25. (No. 43).; With exhibitions of paintings // Perm statements. 1913. March 10 (No. 55).

(Source: encyclopedia of "Perm Krai", E. I. Egorova)

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