Petrovich Krasnov

Russia • 1864−1939

Biography and information

Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, the emigrant. In Russia, gained fame as the author of the summer Palace of Nicholas II in Livadia. Since 1922 in exile in the Kingdom of CXC. Lived in Belgrade, worked in the monumental building of the Ministry of construction. According to his projects in Yugoslavia, the government built several Palace buildings. The Church was built.


Pupil of the Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture. Builder of the Imperial Palace in Livadia (southern coast of Crimea) and palaces of Their Imperial Highnesses: Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich (the estate of "Dulber"), Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (the name of "chair") and Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich (the estate "Charax"), together with numerous other buildings in Yalta and its surroundings; the architect of the Imperial court since 1911; academician since 1913


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