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Lvovich Markov

Russia • 1882−1957

Student of the Academy of arts from 1901 22 may 1910 – the title of artist-architect for the project: "the State Duma".


Born in 1882 in Tiflis, in an old noble family, descended from leading Brand Ross or Mark Interpreter, Ambassador of the Grand Prince Ivan III at Uzun-Hassan. In 1910 the Imperial Academy of arts in St. Petersburg and received the diploma of the artist-architect. In the same year entered the Persian branch of faculty of Oriental studies of St. Petersburg University, from which he graduated in 1914. With the outbreak of the first world war as a volunteer went to the front and served as a warrant officer in the Caucasian Army. He was adjutant General Baratov on the Persian front. The revolution met with the rank of captain in the engineering corps. After a brief stay in Tiflis returned to Tehran and began to serve in the Persian Cossack division, where he reached the position of chief of staff. After the coming to power of Reza Pahlavi Markov continued to serve in the Persian army, while engaged in architecture. He rose to the rank of General of the Iranian army. Project of Nikolai Lvovich was built a few dozen buildings in Tehran, including the Ministry of Finance. The war office, the Ministry of justice. Post office, Italian Embassy, the Assyrian Church on Forsat street, representative office of company "singer", etc. it Should be noted that, in addition to the Christian churches in Tehran built seven mosques by the architect Markova, the most famous -Foret Dole, Amin Dole. Markov was a supporter of Islamic architecture and Persian traditional methods of construction. He gave preference to local material - bricks, stone, shingles, stucco. Bricks 20 × 20 cm, which it is particularly often used in their buildings, later called "Ajora Markovi" brick Markov. The architectural style created by Markov, absolutely in harmony with traditional Persian architecture. An example is the old building of the municipality, prestigious schools Jeanne d'arc, Alborz College. Died, Nicholas L. Markov in 1957 and buried at the Russian Orthodox cemetery in Tehran.

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