Ivanovich Shiltian

Italia • 1900−1985

1918 in exile in Constantinople, 1919 in Europe, lived in Vienna (1919-1921), Berlin (1922), Paris (1923-1924), Italy (1925-1926), again in Paris (1927-1932), again in Italy (1933).

Nahichevan-on-don near Rostov 20.3.1898 - Milan, in the Lombardy region 1.4.1985, artist, painter, stage designer, author of books on painting [V, 5, 10, buried in Testaccio 10.1.1990; No. 4232/1], together with his wife E. A. Chilten. Note: Leikind O. L., Makhrov K. W., D. Y. Severyukhin artists of the Russian Diaspora. 1917-1939: Biographical dictionary. SPb., 1999. P. 626-627.

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