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Antonovich Poirot


An auditor student of the Academy of arts from 1833 To 1839 – the title of a free artist; in 1854 the title of academician. From 1871 – honorary free member of the Academy of arts. Was assistant architect in the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral.


Poiraux, Auguste Charles Leopold) — academician of architecture. B. in St. Petersburg on 26 February 1818, mind. 14th (26th) of July 1892 in Valentine. Being the son of a Royal dancer and choreographer Poirot, assistant Didlo, he was educated in the Peter and Paul School, and then engaged in the Imp. Academy of Arts, under Professor K. A. ton, and although not finished the full course, however, received, in 1839, the title of class artist. Even before this, on March 8, 1838, he acted as a draughtsman in the architect V. P. Stasov, in his Majesty instituted a Commission for the resumption of the Winter Palace after the fire, where he served until the 6th of April 1843 In 1842, he was meet assistant architect at construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral, and so endeared himself to the chief architect of the Cathedral A. A. Montferrand that in December 1853 addressed to the President of the Academy of Arts, Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, asking "about udostoeny the title of academician of architecture without a program consisting of bringing an assistant artist Aug Poirot for example udostoeny than that of his two predecessors in the service, in respect of the known knowledge of it, Poirot, in the architecture and construction arts, proven by the works of his career at the resumption of the Winter Palace and the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral. But the Council of the Academy at this time refused the request, stating "to present Her Imperial Highness the President about respects, which was recognized by the academics predecessors G. Poirot, ie Shebuev and Schrader, who received his education at the Academy and were great students, and that G. Poirot under the terms of udostoeny they are not suitable". However, Montferrand was soon made the 12th of February 1854 the Grand Duchess invited the Council artist Aug Poirot, with the benefit of dealing with the resumption of the Winter Palace six years and in the construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral twelve children, building on existing examples, in recognition of many years of his labor on the part of architecture, erected in a rank of the academician and about this record in his time in the journal of the Academy General Assembly", which was done. As assistant of the architect of St. Isaac's Cathedral, Poirot watched the work on the decoration of the Church and compiled projects of the king's gate and Church vessels, and subsequently built the forest around the Cathedral for the restoration of the marble cladding. In addition, he was the architect at the Peter and Paul Cathedral in the fortress, with the Construction Office of the Ministry of the Imperial court, monitoring the construction of the monument to Emperor Nicholas I (1857), where he, along with engineer-Colonel Evreinov, was responsible for the General execution of the project, and for building and repairing the buildings of the Chapter of Russian Imperial orders (1863). In the Peter and Paul Cathedral in addition to regular repairs and execution of all decorations of the vaults and the upper parts inside the building and a small temple (1875-1877). and furnace, the system Kröll (1878-1879.), he was entrusted the decoration of the Church and graves at the burial of Emperor Nicholas I (1855), Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (1860), the device is mourning decoration in the Cathedral and to the Imperial yacht Alexandria, on the occasion of perevezennya and burial of the body of the Emperor the heir to the Throne of Grand Duke Nicholas Alexandrovich (1865), Prince Sergei Maximilianovich Romanovsky, the Duke of Leuchtenberg (1878) and Grand Duke Vyacheslav Konstantinovich (1879). They also rebuilt the Ministerial house, on the Fontanka, near Simeonovsky bridge (1872-1873 gg.) and built many of the homes of private individuals and public theatre at the Forestry Institute (1871-1872). In 1871 he received the title of honorary member of the Academy, and 22 April 1877, resigned. The collection of materials for history of Imp. Academy Of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. 1866; — Reports Of Uti. Academy of Arts 1854/5; 1856/7; 1857/8; 1859/60; 1860/61; 1861/2; 1862/3; 1863/4; 1864/5; 1865/6; 1868/9; 1869/70; 1871/2; 1872/3; 1873/4; 1874/5; 1875/6; 1876/7; 1877/8; 1878/9; 1879/80; History and attractions of St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg. 1858; "Northern Lights", SPb. 1860; "news" 1892, No. 267; the "New Time" 1892, No. 5957; "Government Gazette" of 1892, No. 212; N. P. Sobko, Dictionary of Russian artists, St. Petersburg. 1899; "Day" 1892, No. 1546. A. Novitsky. {The Cumans}

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