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Aristarkhovich Bolshakov

Russia • 1895−1938

Biography and information


The son of a druggist; a schoolboy published a book of poems; as a student (studied at the law faculty of Moscow University) he became friends with artists N. Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, and they issued his second collection — "Le futur" (1913). The book was confiscated because of the design, which censors deemed obscene, and he Bolshakov carried away while painting in the spirit created by his friends direction "Luisma" and called himself the poet-rayed.

The next book was called "the Sun in a glove," she continued cheerful aesthetics of urbanism of ecofutures and anticipated experiments of the imagist; such poems of later researchers dubbed "futuristic dandyism".

Bolshakov alternately belonged to different futuristic circles (some of the stories biography youth described in the novel "Marshal one hundred and fifth day", 1936), but everywhere was kept from extremes, combining the words "gilazev" elegant manners of agotoronto.

In the autumn of 1914, "when the war had stirred up literary swamp", Bolshakov left the University and enrolled in a military school, and from 1915 was in the army. In the final book of the 1916 "the Sun is on the decline" became a part of and the works of his first collections. The proximity to Mayakovsky especially noticeable in the dark anti-war "the Poem as event" (1916), published in mutilated by the censor.

Since 1918, fought in the red Army at the end of the war was the military commandant of Sevastopol. In the Soviet years completely switched to prose. Became a victim of Stalinist repression.

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