Vlasievich Ainalov

Russia • 1862−1936

Biography and information

H given by g ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (1914), RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (1918), USSR (1925). Studied at Novoros. University in Odessa at N. P. Kondakov. Prof. ist.-filol. faculty of Petersburg. University (1903-17, 1921-36). Corresponding member the founder of the society of the revival of artists of Russia (1915), member. Pres. Of the Union of artists (1917). The labor on Byzantium. etc. - Rus. art for the first time in Rus. science gave an analysis of cultural evolution and continuity of the art. traditions of various epochs: "Hellenistic. the foundations of Byzantium. art" (St. Petersburg, 1900), "Vizant. painting of the XIV century" (St. Petersburg, 1917), "history of the Rus. painting from the sixteenth century to the late. The nineteenth century" (1908, reprint: St 2000), "history of the Rus. monumental art" (1917). Last project – "Sketches of Leonardo da Vinci" (1939). In 1903-17 lived on the 11th line of Vasilievsky island, 46, in the 1930s – from the Fontanka river embankment, 34. Buried at Literatorskie mostky.

Lit.: Alpatov, M. V. D. V. Aynalov: [Obituary] // Art. 1940. No. 1. S. 172-174.

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