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Illarionovich Zhukov


1870 the first decade (mid) November. Born in St. Petersburg, in maternity shelter Krasovsky, in the family of tools mechanic and the former serf peasant.

13 Dec. Adopted on education Catherine Illarionovna Fragariae, daughter of major-General I. I. Zhukov at the baptism in the Simeonovsky Church named Vladimir.

1875 First trip to the village. Aleksandrovka Zadonsky district, the cottage Bugs.

1878 Stay in the village. Aleksandrovka. The first classes under the leadership of Professor St. Petersburg University O. F. Miller.

1879 the Beginning of the trouble I. I. Zhukova for adoption Volodya. Training in a classical school under the direction of O. F. Miller.

1880 Selecting a school.

1882 drawing. First drawings.

May 10. By decree of the Emperor, the Governing Senate adopted major-General Zhukov and his wife Elizabeth Nikolaevna ( in girlhood Lermontovo).

In 1883 he Enrolled in the corps. The first verses.

1884 retirement from the corps.

1885-1886 Lives in the village. Aleksandrovka, helps on the farm, engaged in self-education.

1887 Death E. I. Fragariae. Estate bequest handed over to Vladimir.

1888, he started work as an apprentice mechanic in the railway depot at the station of Gryazi yuvzhd. Later it becomes a fireman on a freight train. Participation in the revolutionary movement.

1890 Moving to Moscow. Working in the Polytechnic Museum (renovation and construction of models) and in decorating the Small theatre under the direction of decorator Seltzer. Works in the catalog of the Rumyantsev Museum in the Department of manuscripts. Has been painting and drawing in the Studio of V. Savich.

1891 Elected sanitary Trustee, for the fight against cholera and a member and then Chairman of the International Society of the red cross Elovskoj parish of Zadonsk uyezd. Departure from Moscow to cholera and hunger. Acquaintance with Her, Maria Volkonskaya, the daughter of a magistrate, in der. Birky.

1893 First trip to the Crimea. Sailing on the schooner as a sailor-lover on the routes Sochi-Trabzon, Sevastopol-Constantinople. Learn painting from the artist N. M. Protopopov and academician I. P. Fedorov-Kerch in Sevastopol.

1894 Return from the Crimea. A secret wedding with M. A. Volkonskaya in Lipetsk.

1895 In Moscow carries out orders of different publishers (book illustrations, bookplates).

1898 Selected member of Council and a member of the Council on 1899-1901 G.

1899 10 Dec. Passed the exams on the first class rank in Zadonsk district school.

1899 Device and the head of the Alexander Department of agricultural warehouse. The beginning of the construction of a school in the village of Willow.

1900 Device of the exhibition of agricultural implements.

1901 Zemstvo member is Selected for a second term (1902-1904.g.).

1902 is Present (as Chairman of the Commission for the study of handicraft industry of district) at the first Congress of leaders of the craft industry in St. Petersburg. By appointment to the County Council operates to aid the peasant population of the County to fight with a secondary epidemic of cholera and hunger.

1905 Moving to Lipetsk.

1906 the sale of the farm to farmers at a reduced price. The execution of art works for publishers and libraries.

1907 31 Oct. Awarded the medal of the Russian Society of the red cross.

1908 theatrical Design in Lipetsk.

1909-1910 Work in the Lipetsk theatre and consultant for arts in the management of the resort.

1909 participation in the organization and execution of exhibitions in Lipetsk Petrovsky Companies.

The 1911's Stay in Sevastopol. The establishment of the art circle "Environment" (23 October 1912). Cooperation in the "Crimean Bulletin" on the arts. Participation in art exhibitions.

1912 Publishes first volume of poems.

On may 3, 1913. Elected honorary member of the Crimean society for tuberculosis (Sevastopol).

1915 Return to Lipetsk. Elected member of the sanitary Commission at the Lipetsk resort.

1916 Sale in Longitudinal and buying on Kuznechnaya. 1916-1917 Works at the resort by an artist, and then as a mechanic.

1918 On behalf of the Lipetsk Council of deputies and the Military is working on repairing firearms.

1919 1 Feb. Accepted as a member of a trade Union "artists" in the city of Lipetsk and its surroundings (RABIS).

1920 July 2. Enrolled in the state employees of the Department of the Lipetsk resort as a mechanic for ration reward (worked in this position until 1922).

1922 as the expert repeatedly invited Lipetsk Politburo (Cheque).

1922-1923 Performs a separate work of art.

1924 Performs a one-time artwork in the theater.

1925 17 may-2 September. Works as a decorator of staff of the Maly academic theatre and the Studio at the Kursaal mineral waters. Marked the 40th anniversary of service to the arts.

1925 September - 1926 26 may. Performs a one-time employment.

1926 may 26, 1926 July 10. Works as a decorator in truculentus artists in Lipetsk Mineralnye Vody.

10 July 1926 - 1 Sep 1926. Due to the disease is working. 1926 September. Performs a one-time work permits Rabis.

1927-1928 Draws up a Museum of the Revolution to them. Plekhanov G. V.

1928 June-August. Is a member of Groupama Rabis.

1929 may 1 - may 26, 1923. Elected to the editorial Board of the Union.

1930 Oct - 1933 26 may. Secretary of the artistic-political Council of the theatre and member safety.

1931 a search in the house OGPU officers. Stay under arrest.

March 8, 1931. For sale by a Blacksmith.

May 23. The Death Of M. A. Zhukova.

August. Ill with rheumatism.

September 17. Aggravation of heart disease. Moving to an apartment Malyavkina.

30 Oct 1932 - 26 may 1933. Public instructor of the regional assistance Committee.

17 Dec 1932 - 1933 1 may. A staff poster in the near city theater.

1933 July. Received the poster in a cinema. In December, the disease left the job.

1934 January. Recognized medical labour Commission of the disabled of the 2nd group.

1934 a request for transfer to 3rd group of disability.

1 1934 April - 1936 December 1. Works in the Museum of the Revolution to them. Plekhanov artist and scientist.

1935 April. Receives a commendation from the State historical Museum for information about the house of Plekhanov.

1935 6 Nov. For their good work and their energy awarded a monetary prize.

1936 5 Dec. Translated into a pension with 3rd disability group. 1938 Retired the 2nd group.

1943 October 10. Writes "Autoscroll".

1944 November 9. Died in Lipetsk. According to the will the materials of the personal archive transferred to the Museum of the city of Lipetsk.


1.Lipetsk regional Museum of local lore. Memorial Fund V. I. Zhukov.

2.Encyclopedic dictionary, ed. Brokgauz and Efron, vol. 2, SPb.1894.

3.In.And.Beetles.Poems, vol. 1, Lipetsk. 1912.

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