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Vladimirovna Smagina

Biography and information


Member of the Union of artists of Russia, laureate of the regional prize Opekushin. 30 years he taught at the Yaroslavl art school. Paintings of Elena Smagina is a hymn to women and femininity. All of her heroines - our contemporaries. But not as a concubine of the Sultan, they seem Priceline from another world. They are the dream of any man. Masha - charming angelic curly create with the violin. Olga - idle woman. She just pours the tea, but full of such dignified calm and grace, like a priestess of an unknown ritual. Flirty and fashionista Veronica, banging out a new clothes on the machine "singer". The beauty of Angela, making their morning toilet, holding a bottle of perfume. From the picture, it seemed that emanates a spicy aroma. Paintings of Elena Smagina is a hymn of love.

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