Tachat A.

Russia • 1896−1940

Biography and information

Tachet was born in the city where talents are not rare. In Alexandropol, Gyumri. Family was the envy of all — the priest, bearer of national liberation ideas, and teacher of mathematics. But the young Tacata first got interested in music. He even took part in the first performance of “Anush”, held in August 1912 in his hometown, had played the flute. 95 years ago.

Fifteen-year-old he with his father went to Ani — watch the romantic ruins of the former capital. How to know if this was prepricing later art classes. But there was another milestone: communication with Hakob Koganom and a trip to Iran in the early 20's... In any way officially in art it came already a Mature, married man, when the 25th went to study in VHUTEMAS, and not to anyone else, but to Tabor — great graphics-scribe and perhaps the philosopher. It was a remarkable school, in line with innovative trends of his time. The leaders of the Workshops set the tone, which could be heard far outside of Moscow. Tacit progressed on the eyes, participated in exhibitions, however, in those years very scarce and presentable.

Draftsman, Khachvankyan virtuoso. Brilliant. Portraits and genre testify to this. Even in pencil the outline discern their own language, style, and most importantly — taste. After returning to Yerevan in the ' 30, he took up teaching and became, at the invitation of Charents by thereduction in the state publishing house of Armenia. Open until 1936 or 1937. Intensely and violently, as if feeling approaching the interchange. And not accidentally, because in the 29th father and two of his brothers were exiled far away as unfavorable. And here is the work in publishing under quite so “alien” Charents. The collaboration of poet and artist gave amazing quality and abundance of fruit. Dozens of Armenian and foreign, including Russian, authors. Until Marx's das Kapital. He, however, failed everyone, especially the national classics, poetry, in particular. He designed the entire book from cover to cover, until the last Bukovica and ornament. Khachvankyan was concise and succinct, elegant and refined, the line is elastic and precise. No frills — he knew the measure of everything. And is it only in the book? He had to do and tissue boxes, and posters. Of course, in the spirit of the time. Agitprop did not admit of doubt, but Khachvankyan managed to get out was a very outstanding things. He was engaged in painting and who, even schedule, can escape its magic? Of the few surviving paintings and oil sketches are particularly good, his still lifes and landscapes — completely fresh and clear, subtle color. Natural gift and VKHUTEMAS made itself felt.

The Stalinist meat grinder hooked and quiet, intelligent artist. The authorities became interested in them, persistently, gently inclined to the denunciations. But that's a mug. As evidenced by family, he hoped that will carry by. Alas. The artist was arrested in April 38th, and in July 39th — tormented fanatics 16 months — was sentenced to 8 years in exile with the right to correspondence. In August he was in Leninakan jail (farewell to hometown?), and by the beginning of 40-th in Magadan. It was made by an artist in the club. That's what says another prisoner of the Gulag writer Walter Aramyan: “tacet before I ended up in Magadan, he was thin, haggard, eyes are very sunken, become even blacker and larger. “I will leave in Magadan, ' he said, as an artist. I'll write slogans, to paint the picture, in short, is not so bad. I'll ask the boss, that you left in Magadan, I would say that you're an artist too, take on all the work — they won't know. Say, on the Kolyma bad, from the mines, no returns”.

To approve and write Patriotic slogans and to paint socialist realist paintings and portraits of the leaders Takato Khachvankyan had long. March 14, 1940, he died. Officially, from General blood poisoning. Broke artist, did not survive. One of the millions, but for us, for national culture — a great artist. Ucelay he is Armenian book, graphics could go the other way. Didn't happen.

(From the article “I will leave in Magadan...” Karen Mikaelyan, the resource "New time" 31 July 2007.)

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