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Vasilievich Edwards

Russia • born in 1860

Born in Odessa in the family of a British businessman. After successful completion of the Odessa drawing school (1876 — 1881), and entered the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, which, however, soon gave "poor health". At the end of 1882, Edwards returned to Odessa, where he took up sculpture. In 1888, for works in the annual exhibition of the Petersburg Academy of arts Eduards received from the Academy the title of class artist of the 3rd degree. To explore the technique of bronze casting in 1889 — 1890 he was in Paris at the casting plant Barbadian laborer, concealing his profession of sculptor. Upon returning to Odessa Edwards opened a Studio and art industrial sculpture and bronze casting factory.

From the monumental works of Eduards most significant monument to A. V. Suvorov (created in 1914, is set in Izmail in 1954). In 1919 Eduards emigrated, according to one source, on the island of Malta, where he lived until 1924, the other in London, where he died in the early 30-ies.

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