Zinovievich Korsunsky

Russia • 1932−1986

Worked in 1941-1986. chief designer of the Chelyabinsk state academic Opera and ballet theatre. M. I. Glinka. Lit.: Chelyabinsk: encyclopedia / comp.: V. S. Oh, V. A. Chernozema. - Chelyabinsk, 2001. - S. 405.

(19.02.1932, Kirovograd – 14.09.1986, Chelyabinsk), theatre. artist, painter, member. CX RSFSR (1971). With 13 years engaged in the arts. workshops the article the Person. In 1951 he graduated from Moscow. of arts.-prom. Uch-school them. M. I. Kalinin (teachers, V. N. Baksheev, T. I. Katorgin), in 1955 the Studio military. artists fine arts in Vladivostok. Uch-school in 1965 – enhanced. course faculty Fig. and painting Mosk. correspondence University of arts. In 1955-63 set designer, 1964-73 head. decorative shop, 1974-86 / artist Person. theatre of Opera and ballet. Among the first works (sovm. with the 1-m depth hood. E. G. by Chemodurova) of arts. making the operas “Carmen”, “the Queen of spades”, ballet “the Flower of happiness”, execution of scenery for the sketches of hood. The bald man for the ballet “Notre Dame de Paris”. K. artistic Director of the 60 productions of Opera and ballet, among K-ryh – “Cavalleria Rusticana” by P. Mascagni (1958), “Valley of tears” by E. D'albert (1960), “fra Diavolo” Auber D. (1960), “Demon” by A. Rubinstein (1962), “Carnivalesque bells” by R. Plunkett (1964), “La Bayadere” by L. Minkus (1973), “the Gypsy Baron” by J. Strauss (1975), “Prince Igor” by Borodin (1978), “The Barber of Seville” by G. Verdi. Rossini (1981), “Ivan Susanin” by M. Glinka (1970, 1985), etc.; ballet performances in Magnitogorsk (“kaslinskiy pavilion”, “Ballet time”, etc.), and dramatic. performances People. Youth theatre. Ed. of a number of scenic production, such as: “reach. Memories”, “Silent star,” “Clear day” embodied the beauty and the originality of parts of the Ms. part of Russia, Crimea, etc.; work in the portrait genre, including the port-RETA choreographer G. de Foncea Gerardo (prod. is ballet class theater. Glinka). K. member of the all-Union 50., Rep., zones. of arts. exhibitions. Persons. the exhibition was held in Vladivostok (1953), in Person. (1979, 1982, 1986, 1987, and 2001 – “the knight of the theatre”) in Moscow – an exhibition of gifts vseros. Foundation of culture (1989). In 1972 was elected representat. section of the theatre. artists in Person. Department of WTO, member. of the Board. The artist's works presented in the Theater. Museum. A. A. Bakhrushin in Moscow (sketches of scenery for the play “the bartered bride” by B. Smetana), COCH, private collections in Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Israel, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Lviv, Riga, Koktebel, Man. In 1999, the artist's widow I. B. Korsunsky donated, CHOKH 136 best works. K. was awarded the medal “For valiant labor” (1970).

K. I. Antonova, T. V., Batova, I. S. Chadov

Lit.: Margina E. I. Chelyabinsk theatre of Opera and ballet. M. I. Glinka // TSB. M., 1978. Vol. 29; Chelyabinsk Opera and ballet theatre: Brochure / Auth. text E. I. Margine. H, 1981; Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991: Right. / AVT.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. H, 1996;. Sketches about the artist / Publ. I. B. Korsunsky // Chelyabinsk the unknown: a local Historian. SB.. H., 1998. Vol. 2; Korsun I. a prayer for the dead // the Autograph. Chelyabinsk Art. 1999. No. 4.

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