Karlovich the Pirate

Russia • 1813−1871

Biography and information

Worked primarily with watercolors. Enrolling in the Imperial Academy of Arts pensioner imp. Nicholas I , used it the leadership of Professor A. Sauerweid and for his success received in 1832 and 1834 years two silver medals. Being in 1835, awarded a small gold medal for the painting ""Interior view of the stables"," not competed to receive a great deal of the same coin, because it interfered with the work entrusted to it by the Emperor, and in 1836 came from the Academy with diploma of the 1st degree. After that was named court painter to His Majesty, containing up to 3000 RUB. per year, and two years later defined for classes in the historical description of clothing and weapons of Russian troops. Since that time, the drawing figures in various military costumes and accoutrements were almost exclusively the subject of Pirate activities. When in 1855 the office of the war Ministry was formed, the editors of a military chronicle, he was appointed head of its drawing Department. In the same year for the painting ""the ride"," the Academy found him an academician, and in 1869 was promoted to the rank of Professor without requirements usual in such cases, the execution of the program. Works Pirate have many advantages, especially in terms of finesse and subtleties of watercolor brushes, but they are little known to the public because for the most part kept in the Imperial palaces and institutions of the military Department. (A.-V.)