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Danilovna Alchevskaya

born in 1843

Known for his tireless activities for the benefit of public education, stood from 1860-ies at the head of the Kharkov Sunday school, where the teaching was exemplary and was introduced, at her initiative, a wonderful system teaching tips and teaching diaries teaching. A. on the initiative and with its active collaboration published a critical guide to books for folk and children's reading: "What to read people?", encompassing a number of reviews on people's books and reviews of them readers of the people. It owns of the article: "gardener", the story ("Children's Reading", 1870), "History of the opening of the school in the village of Alekseyevka" ("southern Land", 1881) and "Dramatic works, as understood by the people" ("Northern Herald" 1887).

A twenty year old girl in 1861 Christina came from Chernihiv to Kharkiv. Then she had, as they say, full of prosperity, beloved husband, children, rich handsome house. But it was not enough to be only a wife, a mother, a classy lady. Seeing in what darkness of ignorance lives working people, she founded a Sunday school for women. It studied women of different ages, those that worked as servants, milliners, factory workers, wives and daughters of artisans. The course fits in the program of primary schools.

In the period from 1862 to 1870 the school was there illegally, classes were held at home Alchevsk. Then the school used the premises of primary schools. And in 1896 on the project of A. N. Beketov, who he performed free of charge, for the school built its own building in Mironositska lane now, Sovnarkomovskaya St., 9. The school operated until 1919, and then in the same house was opened an evening school for working youth. Now it is an exhibition hall of the Art Museum.

First Christina Danilovna created in school taught herself, but over time managed to captivate his idea, and other. The school was the library, a set of scientific textbooks, the development of which was attended by famous scientists D. I. Bagaley, V. J. Danilevsky, etc. in Fact, the generalization of the experience of school and led to the creation of a bibliography - the anthology "What to read people." He survived 17 years of publications.

The school was the first but not the last step Alchevsk on the path of enlightenment. After school she organized in Kharkiv Society of literacy, the first public library (now State scientific library named. V. G. Korolenko). More than half a century she has dedicated educational activities that received a high rating of Ukrainian, Russian and foreign cultural figures. Christina Danilovna was awarded an honorary diploma at the world exhibition of pedagogic 1899 in Paris. He was Vice-President of the International League education.

And another interesting fact. Christina Alchevsk in the territory of his estate in Kharkov (now the building of public relations Center) in 1899, established the world's first monument to Taras Shevchenko.

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