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Alekseevich Kudrichev

Russia • born in 1938

Biography and information


Lit.: Chelyabinsk : encyclopedia. In 7 t. T. 3 / redkol.: K. N. Bochkarev (ed.) [et al.]. - Chelyabinsk, 2004. - S. 514, Chelyabinsk : encyclopedia / comp.: V. S. Oh, V. A. Chernozema. - Ed. Rev. and extra - Chelyabinsk, 2001. - S. 438; the Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991 : a Handbook / ed.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. - Chelyabinsk, 1996. - Pp. 124-125.

(R. 21.11. 1938, Moscow), graphic artist, painter, member. Artists Union of Russia (1970). In 1959-64 he worked as an artist for People. the TV Studio. Graduated From Moscow. the polygraph. in-t (1966). Studied under Professor A. D. Goncharov, G. T., Gorodenko, I. F. Bel'chikova. In 1964-79 of arts. edited by YUUKI. From 1971 cooperates with COCG. Ed. clearance over 100 printed ed. Museum. Made means. contribution to the development of arts. the printing industry in the region. Since 1965, the permanent Exhibitor of fine arts. exhibitions., region. and vseros. level. Diploma Winner Of All-Russia. competitions art books (1975, 1977). In Feb. 2001 took place the 1st person. the exhibition in COCH. DOS. genre – landscape lyrical povestvuet. character. Experience with Illustrator is evident in the precision of the alignment of semantic accents. The range of used materials is wide: watercolor, sanguine, pastel, wax crayon and watercolor pencil. K. experimenting with them, using the techniques of assimilation of the technique. depending on the fine arts. plan, e.g.: imitation of “watercolours in the raw” in the picturesque etude “March evening” (canvas, oil, 90-ies); “gouache” haze of color in the still life of “grandma's dishes” (pastel on paper, 1999); stained-applicative pattern in pastels and oil painting – “Refraction of light” (canvas, oil, 2000), “On site” (pastel on paper, 2000). K. develops in book graphics the tradition of V. Favorsky, N. Piskareva – recognized masters of the book the 20-50-ies Following their concept of the book as a “whole body”, he builds the book in the space of a single architectonic. rhythm. Laconic colors, ritmic. consistency of design elements, plasticity. clear typefaces and constructive aestheticism – the characteristics of creative. in such methods of K. ed. as “Orenburg downy shawl” I. Ukhanova (Person, 1978); “Poets Of The Urals. Russian notebook. The chosen one lyrics” (Person, 1994); “Tales” By P. Bazhov (Person, 1995). K. works in the genre of poster-posters, he ed. over 30 posters exhibitions, CHOKH and emblem People. the gallery, which became her polygraph. familiar at all ed. C. are presented in private collections of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pers., other cities in Russia and abroad. He was elected corresponding member. of the Board of CASH.

E. A. Shipitsyna

Lit.: Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991: Right. / AVT.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. H, 1996.

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