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Pavlovich Manaenkov

Russia • born in 1926

Worked at Kasli plant. Lit.: Chelyabinsk: encyclopedia. - Ed. Rev. and extra - Chelyabinsk, 2001. - 479 p.; Chelyabinsk organisation of the Union of artists of Russia, 1936-1991: a Handbook / ed.-comp. O. A. Kudzaev. - Chelyabinsk, 1996. - P. 163 - 164; Sergei Pavlovich Manaenkov: CA. works of sculpture and decorative.-butt. art: cat. - Chelyabinsk, 1998. - 35 p.

Native village of Domnino Tambov region. The participant of the great Patriotic war, fought in the parts of military-air forces of the black sea fleet (1943-1945). Awarded the order of Patriotic war, 2 nd degree and medals. Graduated from MVHPU (1956), where he studied at the sculpture Department at E. F. Belashova, V. E. Egorov, G. I. Motovilov, and N. N. Sobolev. Lives in Calah (1956). Worked as a main sculptor KMZ (1957-1975). A member of the artists Union of the USSR (1974). Awarded gold, silver and bronze medals of VDNKH of the USSR, diplomas of the Komsomol Central Committee, the medal "Veteran of labour". The author of the monument "Caster" (1958) on the territory of Kaslinsky factory of the monument, the bust of I. M. Zakharov (1967), the memorial of the relief on the memorial plaque Chairman Karacharovskaja farm VP Markovo (1980) and of the bas-relief of the hero of Soviet Union Z. portnovoy (1986) for the memorial complex on the Scarlet field in Chelyabinsk. Participant of city, regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions (since 1956). The small sculptures created statues "Budennovec" (1965), "Winning" (1969), "the Mistress of Copper mountain" (1995), Rodina (1995); bas "V. I. Lenin" (1967), "portrait of a worker" (aluminum, 1968), "portrait of the founder M. N. Kozlova" (1972), "Young worker" (1983), "Portrait of V. candice Naborshikova" (1984), "Portrait of engraver V. Snegirev" (1991). Performed the song "the Wolf and the crane" (1959), "Repka" (1968), "Goats" (1970); performed a paperweight "Tsar cannon" (1956), podcast "the Crow and the Fox" (1959), the fishnet module "snowflake" (1965), boxes "Hedgehog" and "chicken" (both 1968), "the Candle holder for two candles with a stone" (1970), the candlestick "Matryoshka" (1971), the bookcase "a Forest" (1980), "The candle holder for four candles" (1995), "Openwork vase with a lid" (2001) and others Engaged in pedagogical activity in the system of vocational education: taught sculpture Kasli GPTU No. 18 (1975), was teaching a class on sculpture and song (1994) in Kasli branch CPT and Kyshtym branch of South Ural state University.

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