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Zakharovich Taushkanov

Russia • born in 1921

Lit.: Chelyabinsk: encyclopedia. - Ed. Rev. and extra - Chelyabinsk, 2001. - 844 s.; Kalugina L. "Night breakthrough" // Delovoy Ural (Chelyabinsk).- 1999. - May 7.

(R. 15.11.1921, S. Novgorod fedorovskogo R-na Kustanai region of Kazakhstan), painter, member. Union of artists of Russia (1997), party Led. Otech. war. At 12 years old was left an orphan, from 1934 he worked in a Shoe shop in Person. The basics of painting were trained in the Building arts. the education of children at O. P. Perovskaya, then ut. V. When Clicked-Rudenko. From 1936 student t-VA “Artist” engaged Vandysheva L. I., P. G. Yudakov, N.. Rusakova in the Studio with JOSH. From 1941, composed of the 37th army of the South-West. front participated in the defense of Kiev was encircled released from Fache. captivity by the allies (1945). 1946 – People., from 1948 a member of. the group of painters under the CMV V. V. Meshkov, graphic designer, painter. Ed. a series of beautiful portraits of Steelworkers: V. S. Mokrinskogo, N. I. Grunina, S. H. Samohina, P. I. Satunina (1963); war veterans: A. G. Yuzhilin, p. P. Dobrovolsky, S. E. Sokolova, M. I. Ovsyannikov, M. D. Madacova (1985); sculpt. portrait of Marshal Zhukov (1995). Master lyric. landscape. Party mountains. and region exhibitions. Persons. exhibitions: in the Palace of culture CTZ (1971), in DK “Stroitel” (1988), in the Exhibition hall, JOSH (1997). Awarded hordes. Otech. war 2nd step. (1985), the medal “For Victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945” (1957) and others.

Karmanova E. V., T. A. Mamykina

Lit.: Brusentseva N. Lilac and memory // HF. 1987. 6 may; Exhibition of the works of Ivan Zakharovich Taushkanova: Paintings and drawings: Cat. H, 1988; Fominykh PY On friends and comrades. H, 1989; Shestakova L. Two portraits on the one show // HF. 1997. July 18; Kalugin, L. “Night breakthrough” // Delovoy Ural (H). 1999. May 7.

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