Mubarakyanovich Rezatdinov

Russia • born in 1953

Of was born in the city of Rubtsovsk. In 1969 he graduated 8 classes of secondary school № 14. In the same year he entered the Biysk pedagogical College at the graphic art Department. In 1973 he graduated College and was sent to work in Rubtsovsk in school. Pushkin as a teacher of painting and drawing. In 1977 he began working in the school № 112. In 1980 he enrolled in the newly opened children's art school, whose Director is currently. In 1983 he graduated from the Omsk pedagogical Institute. Trained the participants and winners of 4, 5, 9 regional competitions "Young talents of Altai". The artist is the designer of the book by Tatiana Roslyakova "Green guest" (2002).


1. Rezetdinov sh Introduction to the beautiful // the Communist appeal.-1981.-18 APR.

2. Rezetdinov sh School strong traditions // Local time.-1997.-28 Oct.-C. 3

3. Streltsova V. In art school // Communist appeal.-1989.-24 may

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