Vasilyevich Smirnov

Russia • 1881−1954

Russian painter, a member of the Peredvizhniki group, the Association of realist artists (OKHR), the Union of Soviet artists. Landscape painter, Illustrator of children's books was Born in 1881 in Vladikavkaz, died in 1954. He studied in 1899 at the art school N. I. Murashko in Kiev, in 1902-1903 in the Studio of Dmitriev-Kavkazsky and the Academy of arts in St. Petersburg. Participant of art exhibitions since 1918. Major works: sketches, posters 1918-1920 (Central order of Lenin Museum of the Revolution of the USSR), a series of graphic portraits of Soviet artists (1926-1930, TG), landscapes of the Crimea, the Moscow region, Bashkortostan (1932, Dnepropetrovsk art Museum), a series of landscapes for schools (1940, the publishing house "Enlightenment"), a series of lithographs "For Shevchenko places" (1946, state Russian Museum, the Kiev state Museum of Taras Shevchenko).

Born in Vladikavkaz, Boris Smirnov received his primary art education in Kiev, in the Drawing school of N. And. Murashko. He continued his studies the young man in St. Petersburg where he initially worked in the Studio of the famous painter A. E. Dmitriev-Kavkazsky, and then entered the Academy of fine arts, worked in the landscape class of A. Kiselyov. In 1903, the young artist because of serious illness was forced to leave the Academy. As a small "compensation" he received a testimony that is entitled to be a teacher of drawing in secondary schools. However, painting B. Smirnov, compelled some time to live in Central Asia and the far East, did not leave. In 1905 he moved to Ukraine, where formed as an artist. In subsequent years, often travels across the South of Russia, wrote numerous landscapes and portraits: "the fountain in the pike", "View from the top of AI-Petri", "Pavlograd", "Road in the steppe", "a Portrait of children's writer E. A. Smirnova", "Self", "Sunny day on the river," "In the garden in Kiev", "Fair Ukraine", "Shepherd", "House lots," etc., In 1921, begins a new stage in creativity of the artist. He moved to Moscow, is active in the Association of artists realists. His paintings are filled with the pathos of new life ("the Workers in the sanatorium", "working In the reading room", "harvest", "the Winner of the mountains", "the Dnieper Dam"), although still much attention paid to the landscape (the"Valdai lake", "Heat breath", "Early snow", "Autumn in the mountains").

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