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Mikhailovich Taraev

Russia • 1920−1996

Nar. hood. Of the USSR (1988). A member of the CPSU from 1955. He graduated from the MIPIDI (1949). Lived in Moscow, in 1949-53 graphic designer All. chamber of Commerce, and later worked on the contracts. Themed decorative vases ("60 let VLKSM", 1978), reliefs for the interior of societies. buildings ("We are building BAM", 1979-80), kitchen utensils and household furniture (kvasnik "Rooster", 1960; pitcher and vase "Penguins", 1962) and other works.

>>People's artist of the RSFSR , refers to monumental art, landscape. Public figure. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Honored artist of the RSFSR. Born in 1920 in Armavir, Krasnodar territory. Studied in 1944-1949. in the Moscow Institute of applied and decorative art at the A. A. Deineka, N. P. Prusakov. Participant of art exhibitions since 1954. Major works: vase "Horse" (1957, the State Museum of ceramics and "Manor Kuskovo" XVIII century), vase "Companions" (1959, CX RSFSR), set "Velvet" (1960, the State Museum of ceramics and "Manor Kuskovo" XVIII century), kvasnik "Cock" (1960, Rostov regional Museum of fine arts), set "virgin" (1963, RM), service-souvenir "Moscow" (1964, MK RSFSR) , set "Verbilki" (1967, MK RSFSR), set "Russian Vityaz" (1967, MK RSFSR), vase "My homeland" (1972, MK RSFSR), vase "Soviet Union" (1972, MK RSFSR), set "Russian souvenir" (1975, MK RSFSR), vase "60 years of the Komsomol (1978, MK RSFSR), stained glass "Leninskogo kom-Somol (1975, MK RSFSR), stained glass "60 years of October" (1977, MK RSFSR).

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