Romanovich Rastvorovsky (Rostowor)

United States • 1858−1888

Biography and information

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1878 to 1884, he Received medals: in 1879 - two 2 silver; in 1880 - 2 silver; in 1881 a - 1 silver; in 1882 - 1 silver and then graduated from the scientific course; in 1883 - 2 gold for the program "Thetis, brought the weapons made by Vulcan for Achilles, whom she finds crying over the body of Patroclus"; in 1884 - 1 gold and the title of class artist of 1 degree for the program "the Ambassadors of Ermak from the red steps in front of the King Ivan the Terrible"; he was then sent to a pensioner of the Academy of Arts abroad. (Kondakov)

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