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Evgraf (Gerard)
Romanovich Reitern


Colonel. Since 1814 and devoted himself to painting. In 1835, recognized as "designated" for the portrait of V. A. Zhukovsky and "Two paintings of family life"; in the same year received the title of academician. (Kondakov)

At first, Yevgraf R., Reitern devoted himself to military service, which was not surprising in the years of large and small military campaigns of Napoleon in Europe in the first decade of the nineteenth century. However, twenty years Reiterna Yevgraf, who was by that time a Lieutenant Colonel, possessed a passionate desire to become an artist. Painting he dedicated later a considerable part of his life. Ye. R. Reitern, portraits, icons, everyday scenes. Great fame brought him the full expression of academic painting "Abraham brings Isaac to sacrifice". In 1835, for the work "Portrait of Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky" and two paintings of family life, the artist was awarded the title of "appointed" in academics. He soon gets and appreciate and brings certain advantages the title of academician. Extraordinary fact of the artist's life — his work E. R., Reitern wrote with his left hand. Not common among the painters of reality.

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Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. Virgin Mary with Christ and John.
Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. Abraham sacrifices Isaac.
Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. German peasant woman with a child.
Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. In the garden.
Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. Private Life Guards Pavlovsky Regiment.
Evgraf (Gerard) Romanovich Reitern. Private Life Guards of the Semenovsky Regiment.
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