Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov

Russia • 1814−1841

Of course, the Mikhail Lermontov was neither great, nor even the well-known Russian painter. It was Lermontov — a brilliant Patriotic poet, writer, amazing singer sadness, skeptic, romantic and a patriot. So it is any contact with the painting is of great interest to us. According to family legend Mikhail Lermontov was too early to draw than to write poetry. Children's passion he carried through life. In the 1830-ies Mikhail Lermontov took lessons in drawing and painting from the artist P. E. Zabolotskaya — student of A. G. Warnecke and A. E. Egorov, at the Academy of fine arts (the author of perhaps the most famous portrait of the poet 1837 of writing). Before our time came a poet's drawings, made by him for his works. During his exile in the army in the Caucasus Lermontov performs basic artwork: travel sketch, the types of the Caucasus, portrait miniatures, scenes of fighting. In the last years of his life created "self-Portrait", depicting a young warrior-poet on a background of mountains, "Battle at the river Valerik" (the picture is written together with G. G. Gagarin), "When Valerica" realistically convey the drama of the war. Makes no sense to assume that it would be... the Creator created Lermontov exceptionally gifted man. His artistic ability is one of the manifestations of this gift.

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