Mikhailovich Tverskoy

Russia • 1804−1848

Biography and information

Academician of historical painting, the artist's son, who served at the Academy tutor, was born in St. Petersburg, 5 may 1804, In may, 1813, admitted to the Academy; in 1820 in the students awarded small silver medal for drawings from life in 1822 silver is great. For the painting "Christ in the vineyard, or the coming of the Saviour two Mariyam on Sunday" awarded by the society for the encouragement of artists in 1824, the gold medal. Due to lack of funds Tver could not come of course and in 1823 came out of the Academy. In 1827 he was declared appointed to the Academy for a portrait at full length of Emperor Nicholas I. he Patronised the society for the encouragement of artists sent him at their own expense abroad for improvement. Tver settled in Rome and here to order, made to him in 1833, Academy of arts, played a copy of "Aurora", written for al-fresco painting Reni, decorating the ceiling of the garden pavilion at the Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome. The title of academician in Tver has received for a picture, executed on a given to him by the Academy topic: "Theseus by the mother picks up a stone, under which is concealed the weapon of his father". Tver died 7 Oct 1848

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