Prokofiy (Procopius)

Russia • 1736−1803

Biography and information

"Soldier's son". Studied with Schmidt. His work engraving: "the Funeral of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna". Engraver cutter.


Engraver in copper; born in 1736, mind. 1803 (Smith); soldier's son. In 1749 entered the drawing chamber at the Academy of Sciences, and in 1754 a student in the Department Gidrofilny; 1757 in the class G. Schmidt. Of Affairs of the Academy shows that in 1761 he was made of Polybius, and in 1766 prospect of the Cathedral Church, joining a funeral procession with the body of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (see own). His works are: 1. Vignette of Catherine II, seated on the clouds: "Monstra lovem... G. P. Artemyev". 8° (Cm. Dictionary of portraits, Catherine II, No. 434). 2. Portrait of the painter Latour, with original engravings Schmidt: "Copied by proc: Artemiev". Grave. cutter; 15.4? x 12. 3. Vignette on title page: "the Russian Featr part IX. The drama". Three female figures, one lying, and two are standing; the middle leaned on a lyre. "Grid. P. Artemyev". Probably it work vignette on zaglav. sheet to I that of the same compositions (E. Levashov). 4. Petergofsky Prospekt, engraved them with Chesnakovym (see Makhaev). 5. Prospect a funeral procession, as mentioned above, I have not seen. {Rovinsky}

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