Konstantinovich Demin

Russia • born in 1960

Biography and information

Born in Moscow in a working family. Father Konstantin Fedorovich was born in D. Karlysheva Ryazan region, occurred from the Ural Cossacks Bogdanovich kind (the representative of this Cossack sort ataman Bogdanov commanded the Bashkir Cossack unit who fought against the Bolsheviks in 1918-19); mother — nee Kozhurina Vera Ilyinichna, from the family of don Cossacks Tihonovich, was born in Bryansk region, a veteran of the great Patriotic war.

After graduating from high school in 1977-79 Demin studied on 3-year courses for decorators at the Studio "Mosfilm", in 1979-80, he studied at the Moscow art school on a speciality the artist-designer movie. From 1977 to 1984 he worked as artist-decorator at "Mosfilm", guard, model, artist, a typographic worker, janitor, etc. was different informal unions of avant-garde artists participated in the informal exhibitions (the first was in 1978 on Suvorov Boulevard).

In the autumn of 1983 to Dec. 1984 was the head of the organized illegal Revolutionary social-democratic party (RSDP). In the fall of 1984 in his house, and on the work of the KGB carried out searches during which were withdrawn a set of typographical fonts, typed leaflets and illegal literature. 18 Dec. the same year Demin arrested and imprisoned in the KGB prison Lefortovo, in July 1985 and sentenced to 5 years exile under article 70, part 1 of the RSFSR criminal code (anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda), which was served in the farm. Amala Geladi, in the Syrdarya area, Kyzyl-Orda region of Kazakhstan, amnestied in March 1987. In 1988 Shiropaeva, through A. A. and A. A. Zelenova met with father Dmitry Dudko and V. N. Osipov, withdrew from his earlier left-wing views, was a staunch nationalist, Orthodox monarchist, joined the society of Russian culture "Fatherland" and the Christian Patriotic Union (khps). After the split of the khps in 1989 he became Deputy V. N. Osipov as head of the Union "Christian revival" ("XB" )and the Creator of the symbols of the Union "XB" of the sign "We are Russians — God with us!", stamp the banners, the Union sign of the cross "God, Russia King."

From 1988 Demin together with activists khps Shiropaevym A. A. and A. A. Zelenov for the first time in Russia began collecting signatures on a petition to His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Pimen and the Holy. The Synod on the canonization of the Royal Family. 17 Jan. 1990 became one of the founders and brethren of the fraternity of St. Pious Tsar-Martyr Nicholas. In may 1990, the publisher, editor, artist and author of the newspaper Union "XB" "Zemshchina", the artist almanacs "Tsar Bell", "the mystery of iniquity." One of the initiators of the establishment in Saint. 1990 at the First Congress of the Orthodox-Patriotic forces of Russia (USSR) pre-Council meeting to prepare for the all-Russian Zemsky Sobor, an active agent of which was at a pre-Council meeting in 1990-93. With Feb. 1991 an active participant of the Russian outposts to collect signatures under the Appeal of the pre-Council meeting to His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II and SV. The Synod of glorification among the Saints of the Royal Martyrs, with kanalizacionniy a form of "martyred by the Jews". With Aug. 1991 to June 1994 — the activist of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhood in Russia. In 1991 was part of the organizing Committee of the Union of the Russian People.

In 1992 he was among the founders of the Moscow Cossack outposts, and in 1994 with the rank of captain and elected its ataman; the Outpost was part of the Orenburg Cossack army (Chelyabinsk district), which was later renamed Cossack Brotherhood in the name of Mikhail the Archangel, he took an active part in the publication of the newspaper "Kazachiy Spas". Since the summer of 1993 came up with the idea of creating Orthodox party of Russia, closer to the Movement of popular nationalists (DNN, leader, Ivanov-Sukharevsky). The result of the convergence of the Union "XB" and DNN was the creation of the Awami National Party (ANP). In Dec. 1994 Demin was elected to the Central Council NNP and became one of three Deputy head NNR.

At the present time continues to monarchist, Orthodox-Patriotic activities, and participates in the Cossack movement, is preparing for publication a collection of "Domains".

(the author - L. Bolotin)

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