Jakob Henricus

Netherlands • 1837−1899

Brother Matusa Maris (1839-1917gg.) and Willem Maris (1844-1910), was well as experts in the field of landscape. Jacob Maris studied first at Antwerp Academy, then in Paris (1865-1871.). He is best known paisajista for his work in oils, watercolor. Wrote Dutch bridges, windmills, piers, towers, against a hazy or cloudy sky. At age 12 he apprenticed to Johannes Stroebel (1821-1905)., and from 1850 he attended classes at the Academy in the Hague.In 1854 was soprovozhdal his teacher Huba van Houben (1814-1864) was in Antwerp, where he attended evening classes at the Academy for two years. There he talked with the artist-marianista Louis Meyer. In 1855 he sovmesnogo home and shares his Studio with his brother Mathewson Maris.

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